Man shot in third homicide

A man died late Friday in a central George Town shooting. 

It was the third homicide within the past month to occur on Grand Cayman. 
According to Royal Cayman Islands Police, 32-year-old Anthony James Connor was shot in the parking lot of the Mango Tree Bar and Restaurant Friday around 8:45 p.m. He was pronounced dead a short while later at the hospital. 

Initial reports indicated that the victim was speaking with another man outside the bar when he was shot. Police said a single bullet killed Mr. Connor. 
Police blocked off a wide area around the shooting scene for several hours into Saturday. 

There was no word of any arrests by press time Sunday in connection with the killing. 

Mr. Connor is the son of a woman who was shot in the face in March 2010 in the parking lot of Barnes Plaza, George Town. The victim in that incident, Sandra Connor, survived the attack. There has been no indication from police on whether the two incidents were related.
Mr. Connor’s death on Friday night follows two other deadly shootings on Grand Cayman within the past month.  

On Oct. 3, 22-year-old Earl Hart, a former murder trial witness, was shot to death in his home in Prospect. 
On Sept. 15, Irvin Garlon Bush, 52, was slain outside his home in West Bay in what was believed to be a gang-related shooting. 
Arrests were made in connection with Mr. Bush’s killing, but no criminal charges have been filed in either case.  

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Police said a single bullet killed Mr. Connor.  


Police cordoned off the area outside the Mango Tree where a man was shot Friday night. – PHOTO: CHRIS COURT
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  1. It is pathetic that people will protest and rally against things like a road or TLEPS yet not be concerned about the rising crime. Not one politician from the North to the West has put together a single stop the Violence protest are rally. No matter what people like to say, not having a job is no excuse for breaking the law. People say that these are expats committing these crimes on one hand and on the other the they say it young Caymanians that can’t find work. In any case it has to stop and people need to put some of that energy into helping find a solution before it’s too late. If it’s not already..

    Here are some examples of recent posts on Trip Advisor, I would think this is something to be worried about, if Cayman losses it safely reputation things will get a lot worse for the economy as well Caymanian Residents

    Increased Crime?
    Sep 23, 2013, 9:13 PM
    I noticed a lot of news stories about increased crime such as armed robberies, murders, purse snatchings, and an armed robbery of a couple at Smith Cove. Also just read about a grocery store being robbed at 4:30 in the afternoon. I have read that even the locals have expressed concern and want the island to be safer. I’m have plans to go back to Grand Cayman this coming March but am now having second thoughts.

    Sep 23, 2013, 10:58 PM
    This past March we (my teen son and I) walked out in the dark in the Seven Mile Beach area (near Fosters and the Westin). It seemed safe. Would Seven Mile Beach area be safer than other areas of Grand Cayman?
    I live in a large city (Phoenix) so I am no stranger to being safe, but wasn’t sure if I was going to rent a car the whole time we were there or not. Last time we just had a car for 24 hours which is why we walked in the evening, but I think this time I may rent the car for the whole week.
    Sep 24, 2013, 11:53 AM
    I also would not be too concerned; especially if staying in vicinity of Westin. We always stay in central area of SMB and while many years ago felt perfectly safe walking the beach at night to places like Royal Palms, we no longer do that. Otherwise simply paying heed to the same things you do at home works well when traveling to a place like Grand Cayman. Random acts of violence targeting visitors are very rare there.
    There are areas not far from where we live where I no longer shop due to the recent increase in crime as well as basic decrease in feeling comfortable frequenting.
    Sep 24, 2013, 9:48 PM
    I am seeing about 1 robbery reported per day. These are not a year old. I’m reading up to date news. Phoenix is not a safe city, and we’ve had multiple serial killers in this city at the same time which was very scary. But, Phoenix is also a huge sprawling suburb and the crime is taking place more in some areas than others so it is easier to get away from. Grand Cayman is tiny so I was alarmed when I started seeing reports of more crime. I love Grand Cayman and the people there are wonderful. The beaches are beautiful. Thanks to everyone for their feedback.
    Below is the article about the recent grocery store robbery at 4:30 in the afternoon.

    Sep 24, 2013, 11:12 PM
    If you want to be care free and safe, go find another island …
    Eagleeye: I’m curious as to what your recommendations are for other Caribbean islands that are safer than GC.

    Sep 25, 2013, 6:32 PM
    I can’t imagine there are many tourist destinations in the world that are safer than Cuba.

    Sep 25, 2013, 10:55 AM
    I have been travelling to Cayman since 1998 usually 2-3 x a year. Things have changed. I no longer stroll home after a night at the bar, but will either drive or take a taxi. I no longer walk the beach after dark. I wait to walk until others are on the road heading to work in the morning- no more sunrise workouts. I no longer leave my patio door open to hear the ocean and I will always now request an upper floor of the hotel. I am more vigiliant. I am not as carefree as I once was on the island. I still find people friendly and hospitable, but I try to make sure not to put myself in a position where crime could happen.I will still continue to visit, but ….it is not the same.

  2. Mr. Davis

    I don’t know how well you know Cayman’s local community, in particular George Town.

    I happen to know it very well.

    Let me assure you, these crimes, including the murders, are a local issue; the average tourist is still very safe in Cayman in comparison to many other places.

    Yes, murders are bad for any country’s reputation that depends on tourism; that cannot be denied but…

    Maybe you should ask the question why the local communities are not co-operating with the police in helping to prevent and solve these murders and other serious crimes.

    I guarantee you, someone knows exactly who has shot this man, who is very well known in the local GT community, and why he has been shot.

    It is a real tragedy that so many people do not feel a sense of responsibility to Cayman and their local communities and cover for and hide the people the people who are doing these things.

    The police are also not doing nearly enough to patrol and police the danger areas of Cayman as a preventative measure.