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Online poll: Majority against expat tax

More than 87 per cent of Caymanians and residents of the Cayman Islands who responded to last week’s caycompass.com online poll said they did not support the government’s proposal to implement a payroll tax on only work permit holders. The government officially abandoned the proposal on Monday.

Arrest made in ’11 gangland killing

A 27-year-old man has been arrested and is currently detained in police custody on suspicion of murder. The arrest is in connection with the murder of Robert Bush in West Bay on 13 September 2011.

Looking back: Jamaica in the last 50 years

Jamaica gained independence in 1962, so we look back at events over the last fifty years.

Sentence reduced in disc jockey Jazzy B’s death

Paul Ricardo Gordon, who admitted fatally stabbing well-known DJ Jazzy B in 2009, had his sentence reduced last week from 11 years to eight.

Gore Vidal, celebrated author, playwright, dies

In a world more to his liking, Gore Vidal might have been president, or even king. He had an aristocrat's bearing — tall, handsome and composed — and an authoritative baritone ideal for summoning an aide or courtier.

CIREBA board calls payroll tax ‘fiscal suicide’

The Cayman Islands Real Estate Brokers Association game out strongly against the proposed payroll tax the day after Forbes called the measure 'fiscal suicide".

Tax protesters move demonstration

A Facebook group planning to protest against the proposed expat payroll tax at West Bay tonight have rescheduled their demonstration until Monday, citing intimidation and threats.

Expat tax debate engulfs Cayman

Debate over a proposed 10 per cent payroll tax for work permit holders has reached fever pitch.

Payroll tax ‘worst option’

Caymanians beware: The country's opposition leader says direct taxation won't stay expat-only for long.

Protest planned before government meeting

Opponents of a proposed 10 per cent payroll tax on work permit holders in the Cayman Islands are organising a peaceful protest Monday evening.

Massacre at Colorado theatre

The suspect in a shooting that killed or wounded 71 people early Friday in a suburban Denver movie theatre was not talking to investigators late Friday.

EU case confirms life for murder

The European Court of Human Rights confirms life sentences for murder convictions are acceptable in certain cases.

Editorial for 21 June: Paraquat ban is a no brainer

Paraquat ban in the Cayman Islands shouldn't be a major issue.

Editorial for 6 June: Not a minor crime

The Cayman Islands needs to punish more severely those guilty of killing others while speeding and driving drunk.

No motive identified in East End shooting

In the trial of Chakane Scott for murder, no motive has been identified for the shooting of Asher McGaw last September.

Police: Trucks in crash heading same way on South Sound Road

Police say the two trucks involved in Saturday's deadly crash were both heading in the same direction.

Editorial for 29 May: Help is still needed in Haiti

Haitian people still need the help of the world.

Editorial for 28 May: A killer is in our midst in Cayman

More dogs being killed on Grand Cayman with paraquat.

Crash survivor released from hospital

The other victim in a 19 April accident is released from hospital under police bail conditions.

Police: Drink and speed kill young man

A 33-year-old man is dead after what police said was a suspected DUI crash on West Bay Road.

Clashes erupt after Syrian ‘troop pullout’

 Syrian troops clashed with army defectors and shelled rebellious districts in the central city of Homs Wednesday, killing at least 11 civilians a day...

Loaded Blazers barely escape upset-minded Philippines

The Esso Blazers are lucky to be unbeaten in local hoops at the moment.

Making a living off the land

Cayman Brac "king" farmer Margartio Chantilope loves working outdoors but rarely has days off

Somalia sports officials killed in blast

An explosion Wednesday at a ceremony at Somalia's national theater killed at least 10 people including two top sports officials in an attack by an Islamist group on a site that symbolized the city's attempt to rise from two decades of war.

Getting up close and personal with sharks

A documentary that shows that sharks are not the bad guys will make its Cayman premiere at Camana Bay Thursday night.

Harry’s cruise as McKenzie hits 21

The line up of the semi-finals of the CML Cup, the knock-out cup competition for the Sunday League teams, was finalised at the weekend after the second leg games of the first round.

Two nabbed in gangland slaying

Royal Cayman Islands Police arrested two teenagers Thursday on suspicion of conspiracy to commit murder.

Prison overcrowding in Cayman not extreme

Overcrowding at Northward is not as extreme as in other countries in the region.

272 dead in Honduras prison fire

A fire swept through a prison in Honduras, killing at least 272 inmates, many of them burning to death in their cells.

Devon Anglin guilty of 2009 murder

Deveo Anglin, 26, was sentenced to imprisonment for life after being found guilty of the murder of Carlo Webster at the Next Level Night Club in 2009.

Support downtown businesses

Writer says Central George Town business owners getting the shaft.

Editorial for 13 January: Dog poisonings reprehensible

Poisonings of dogs in the Cayman Islands is not to be condoned.

Red Cross movement helping empower affected Haitians

Two years after Haiti’s worst earthquake in two centuries devastated the country, the Red Cross is still helping Haitians recover.

Year in review Killings restart gang wars

A respite in gang-related shootings ended in September on Grand Cayman.

Year in Review: The top stories in March 2011

March 2011 year in review

Celebrating the lovely lobster

Lobster season is now open. Here's how to catch and prepare these curious crustaceans

Editorial for May 16: Killing adult turtle is wrong

Killing of turtles is illegal and wrong.

Cayman turtles face Canadian death

Animal rights activists in Canada are campaigning to stop the University of British Columbia from killing seven green sea turtles that were shipped to the university from the Cayman Turtle Farm.

CFP editorial team’s favourite films

These are few of our favourite films...

List-a-rama, not an easy task

How do you pick your top ten of the year? With great difficulty, says top UK music journalist Mischa Pearlman.

A mostly silent night

The UK's traditional Christmas Number One chart battle was livened up this year... without a note being played.

Cayman’s got Talent: North Side

Cayman’s Got Talent is coming to Bodden Town.

Broadcaster killed ailing lover

Ray Gosling, 70, told the BBC's Inside Out programme he had smothered the unnamed man who was dying of Aids

Take streets back

Killings and violence are indeed worrying, and in the context of removing dedicated and productive police officers, it is a trend that will only continue.

Today’s Editorial August 07: Slaughtering turtles senseless, wrong

There's one less turtle in the Cayman Islands to help replenish an endangered species. Someone, or more than one person, slaughtered a mature female green turtle that was about to lay her eggs on a West Bay beach last week.

Death on display

Cambodian girl looks at the skulls of Khmer Rouge victims on display at the Killing Fields memorial sight in Choeung Ek, eight miles south of Phnom Penh Wednesday.

Worldview: Wounded minds

The US military in Iraq has achieved a 90 percent survival rate for wounded soldiers. Its probably the highest of any war in US history. Thanks mostly to faster and more effective medical treatment, as well as better body armor, horrific wounds are less often fatal.

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