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A Facebook group planning to protest against the proposed expat payroll tax at West Bay tonight have rescheduled their demonstration until Monday, citing intimidation and threats.

Founder of the group Caymanians and Expats United Against Taxation, Nick Pitman, posted on Facebook Tuesday: “Due to the rising number of distractions from the issue at hand and the disturbing number of personal attacks on myself and others in this group, as well as the rising number of civil servants emailing me to say they are being threatened if they attend, as well as the very real risk of intimidation and violence if we go to West Bay, we must put safety first and move our meeting to George Town, outside the Courts and Legislative Assembly, Monday at 5:15pm.”

Several members of the group had shown up for a meeting on Monday in Red Bay which Premier McKeeva Bush cancelled at short notice. Mr. Bush rescheduled that meeting for tonight [Wednesday, 1 August] at 7.30pm at John A Cumber school hall. The group said on Monday they planned to protest at that meeting, but decided late Tuesday afternoon to organise a separate protest and not go to West Bay after all.

In his posting, Mr. Pitman told supporters: “Your attendance is more important than ever as you are leading the progression of Cayman politics and taking power from the old guard and back to the people.”

He added: “Bring your friends, placards, banners, and a nice non-aggressive attitude. No shouting, smiles and refreshments are welcome. Let us show our united front, we are not swayed by threats or slander. Let’s show how much we love Cayman, and how we feel after rollover, this is killing this beautiful place we call home, hurting the very people Mr Bush claims to protect.”

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payroll tax protest moved FB


  1. Police may want to patrol the harbor side of town, heard from credible sources that they may be thinking on boycotting and making demonstrations in front of cruise ship visitors. I heard this myself from a good source. I hope I am wrong, because boycotting stores of cruise arrivals will not just effect Caymanians, but make matters worse for expats living here too.

  2. @apprentice – nope, u are wrong. Someone suggested boycott but because if same concerns you shared it was shot down by the majority. IE – the group doesn’t wish harm on local businesses etc…hence it’s creation.

  3. You know what completely baffles me…why does the premier think he has to do the entire budget himself?

    Doesn’t it make sense to bring the different departments of government (education, tourism, sports, environment etc.) as well as the other MLAs, to get everyone’s say in the matter? Then the government would produce a budget collectively. That’s what a true leader would do especially in such a small nation right?

    The best leaders know when to follow and when to listen to someone else’s ideas…

    Some of the ideas that I’ve heard on this issue to raise revenue are REALLY GOOD, even though those same people think that expediture is the problem! Cayman needs a true leader.

  4. These rebels know how to spread propaganda and they really believe they should be running this country..

    Taking power from the old guard and giving it to the people.. That sounds like a threat to our democratic process to me.. We are waiting until 2013 to decide who will represent the people again. I hope the police have requested a copy of each of the email and do a full investigation.. I believe making false statement to the police is an offence..

  5. Caymanian-On-Guard…

    Are you for real ?

    Are you living in a democratic British Overseas Territory or a McKeeva Bush-ruled dictatorship ?

    When last I checked the political status of the Cayman Islands, it was definitely the former, not the latter.

    What in these comments reported do you read as a threat to Cayman’s democratic process ?

    If these people who oppose this plan are threatened and intimidated into silence, THAT poses a distinct and dangerous threat to Cayman’s democratic process.

    I’m beginning to believe that Britain should step in, put Bush in his place and establish direct rule before this all gets out of hand; I can easily see destabilising political violence as a possible consequence of what is happening in Cayman.

    And…I assure you, this is one Caymanian, were I actually still living there, that McKeeva Bush or any of his stooges…or any other politician for that matter…could never scare or intimidate.

  6. Caymanian-on-Guard must be channeling Patterson.

    I apologize if I’m stepping on any family memories, because I can’t be the only one who remembers the old guy in his God/People/Market. He was selling Huffy bicycles to expat divemasters, all the while standing out in the sun without a hat on for way too long.

    C-o-G’s rants and ravings sound suspiciously like that old guy with his army surplus fatigues.

  7. Firery:

    For real? Thew last time I checked I had not completely faded away.

    Yes I am living in a British Overseas territory, with a duly elected premiere, If he do try to dictate policy, we have a democratic process in the L.A which is over-watched by the UK.

    The people by democratic process elected its leaders, no one should advocate replacing them through demonstration; this thereby would be your point to political instability and confrontation. Since Caymanians have no reason to confront its leaders over this issue. I can only assume the violence you speak of would come from the protesters ranks. As a matter of record, the Premiere pointed to disquiet as the reason for changing his meeting venue.

    Yes I agree that any threats or intimidation to silence anyone would be a threat to any democratic process. It is the reason I suggest that the police should investigate..

    The UK/British has stepped in on behalf of all of us when they placed checks on our spending and borrowing, and insist that revenue be sustainable. If they require additional enforcement of this logical policy we would welcome any further intervention they see fit, as they truly has Cayman best interest at heart.

    Firery, So you have changed your mind, the big bad UK is no longer out to derail Cayman, You now suggesting they come in and take over Cayman. You should change your name to Don-Quixote, at least he was consistent in fighting windmills.

    No fight here buddy. Iran looks like a possibility though.

  8. Caymanian-on-guard…

    You’ve never experienced real political instability and the ensuing violence that it produces…that much is more than obvious to me.

    I have.

    Before your hero, McKeeva Bush was willing to play his final trump card of complete divisiveness between Cayman’s working population…Caymanian and expatriate…we were willing to give him the benefit of the doubt in his tussles with the British Government…

    But now that he has revealed his hand…no longer.

    Even Britain experiences some levels of violent demonstrations on a lower scale when the British Govt. makes universally unpopular decisions…but they are democratically allowed…and properly contained.

    But what is happening in Cayman could lead to totally something that Cayman has never experienced before.

    And you must be a real McKeeva Bush proselyte if you believe that there are not Caymanians who are not totally opposed and will be involved in any demonstrative protests against McKeeva Bush and this political decision that he is proposing.

    There are those of us who know very well that this idea has NOTHING to do with balancing the budget.

    You are obviously not one of them.

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