Police: Trucks in crash heading same way on South Sound Road

Royal Cayman Islands Police Service officers investigating a fatal accident on South Sound Road on Saturday reported that both vehicles were heading in the same direction.  

The two Chevy Silverado pick-up trucks collided near the San Sebastian condo complex around 4.30am Saturday, killing one of the drivers and seriously injuring another.  

“Both vehicles had been travelling toward George Town when the crash took place,” the RCIPS report on the incident read.  

Police did not immediately state how the crash had occurred, but it appeared one of the vehicles clipped a tree on the side of the road.  

The force of the collision sent vehicle parts and debris flying everywhere and police had to close a section of South Sound Road between the Hurley’s roundabout and Walkers Road for most of Saturday morning to investigate the wreck.  

Police said they could not confirm whether high speed had played 
a role in the crash.  

“As the investigation is ongoing, we will be making no further comment at this stage,” a RCIPS spokesperson said.  

The driver of one of the Chevy trucks, 21-year-old Corey Seymour, died from injuries suffered in the crash. A passenger in the truck he drove was treated at hospital following the crash and released the same day.  

Mr. Seymour’s cousin, Cameron Seymour, was taken to a Florida hospital with serious injuries to his arm. A passenger in the truck he drove was also treated and released at the Cayman Islands Hospital following the crash.  

Police said Cameron Seymour’s injuries were “not believed to be life-threatening”. 

South Sound fatal accident3

Police on the scene in South Sound
Brent Fuller


  1. Police said they could not confirm whether high speed had played a role in the crash.

    Hmmm…can’t see that amount of damage coming from a 30 mph crash, especially if they were travelling in the same direction – head on would only have been 60 mph at direct impact.

  2. Did I read it right?

    Corey Seymour was driving one vehicle and his cousin was driving the other vehicle?

    I feel sorry for the families, and the cousin will have to live with this incident the rest of his life.

  3. This was an unfortunate accident and our hearts go out to the Seymour families. Knowing them personally and knowing the family values and closeness they share I can only imagine the pain they are feeling at this time. Time and God’s grace will pull you all through as you know too well.

    We must all be careful with our comments. Majority of us have sons and daughters and this could have been any of them.

    Also we need to remember that the young man lost is not only the end of his father’s left behind legacy but a young man who gave his daily life to ensure vehicles needed for our safety was in tip-top shape. We should respect his memory if only for that fact.

    Last but not least we should remember the firemen and fireladies that worked beside him every day. They too are feeling the pain of a lost co-worker. Our sympathy also goes out to you all.

    **an original Sound-Roader**

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