West Bay man killed, shot fired in Lower Valley

Gun violence returns to Grand Cayman


A relatively peaceful stretch for the Cayman Islands since late 2011 ended Sunday night with the killing of a West Bay man and a shooting incident involving a Bodden Town resident at her home.  

The attacks occurred within about an hour of one another.  

The district of West Bay reported its first homicide since September 2011, as 52-year-old Irvin Garlon Bush was shot and killed Sunday night while entering his home on Miss Daisy Lane.  

Witnesses in the vicinity of the shooting told the Caymanian Compass they heard four shots fired just after 10 p.m. Mr. Bush died at the scene, apparently from gunshot wounds. He is the first Cayman Islands resident to die in a shooting attack since the Dec. 16, 2012 killing of Jackson Rainford in George Town.  

Mr. Bush’s son, Robert Macford Bush, was shot to death at the intersection of Captains Joe and Osbert Road and Birch Tree Hill Road on Sept. 13, 2011. Two days later, in what local police said was at least potentially a retaliatory shooting for Robert Bush’s killing, Andrew Baptist, 24, was gunned down.  

Mr. Baptist’s killing occurred the evening of Sept. 15, 2011. Exactly two years later, Irvin Bush – Robert Bush’s father – was shot at his home in the Logwoods area of West Bay. 

The RCIPS also did not comment on whether Mr. Irvin Bush’s death had any connection to either Mr. Baptist’s or his son Robert’s killing. 

Irvalyn Bush, Irvin Bush’s daughter, said Monday that she didn’t suspect any connection between what happened to her brother, Robert, and her dad.  

“If it’s revenge, I don’t know about it,” Ms Bush said. “Anything’s possible, I guess.”  

Ms Bush said she was at a loss to say why the shooting occurred. “I don’t think someone was trying to rob him, he don’t have nothing to rob.”  


Lower Valley  

About an hour before Mr. Bush was killed, a 56-year-old woman was shot at while entering her home on Shamrock Road near Will T. Drive.  

According to police, the woman was entering her home when she was confronted by a man with a gun. She ran into the house just before a shot was fired. The bullet struck the building, police said.  

Later in the evening, a 30-year-old man was arrested in the Northward area in relation to the shooting. At press time, he was in custody at the George Town police station.  

The woman targeted in the attack was not hurt, but she was taken to Cayman Islands Hospital as a precautionary measure, police said.  

The Shamrock Road attack bears some similarities to an incident earlier this month in Breakers, where a man was shot in the arm by suspected robbers while returning home.  

The Perditha Lane resident got into a struggle with his attackers during the overnight period of Sept. 7 and ended up getting shot. He survived the attack.  


West Bay shootings  

Sunday night’s homicide was just the latest of several shooting incidents reported in West Bay since the beginning of the year.  

Shots were fired into a home on Powell Smith Drive on Aug. 24, wounding a man inside. Since then, a 20-year-old suspect has been arrested in connection with the attack.  

On June 30, shots were fired in the vicinity of the Super C restaurant, hitting a man in the arm. The shooting occurred at the intersection of Poinciana Lane and Watercourse Road. That victim also survived the shooting.  

On March 21, another West Bay home was fired on, but no one inside was hurt. Police said the gunshots were fired at a home on Miss Daisy Lane, damaging a front window of the home. A woman was inside the house, but she escaped injury. 


Police officers secure the scene of Cayman’s latest homicide. Irvin Bush, 52, was killed Sunday night at his West Bay home. – Photo: Brent Fuller


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