My Spidey Sense is glowing but the power’s gone out

Stop me if you’ve already forseen this one, but apparently humans can sense the future.

That’s the view of Julia Mossbridge of Northwestern University, who has been reviewing data from 26 psychological studies and experiments dating back to 1978.

What’s surprising is that there were changes in cardio and brain waves, plus electrical sentiments up to 10 seconds prior to experiencing random stimuli. These included dodgy photos. This seemed to indicate an anticipation of seeing something that would provoke a response.

The studies in question were not studying presentiment and the analysis put odds of finding these results buy chance at 400 billion to one. Although, Weekender posits, being sat in a lab expecting to be shown some stuff by scientists is pretty obviously going to get your alertness up isn’t it? Sheesh.

Luckily, science has produced better news this week in that a brilliant consortium of boffins who clearly deserve the Nobel prize has published research that should improve beer.

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Professor Robbie Waugh, of Scotland’s James Hutton Institute and his team has published a high resolution draft of the barley genome, which should help drive research into its efficiency, nature and taste. Outstanding work, gang.

Cuddle me long time

We might be reaching for a whisky, though, given that the University of Michigan has led a study into cuddling. They asked 500 men and women in relationships about their cuddling frequency and length and concluded that only one cuddle in six leads to sex. So make sure you get your six a day.

On a not entirely unrelated note, Scientific American reckons that platonic friendships between members of the opposite gender more often than not have an element of romantic attraction which is bubbling away underneath the facade. What makes the results slightly more dubious is the fact that the study involved the habits of 88 pairs of opposite-sex undergraduate friends. In other words, horny college kids. Well done, science, you’ve proved that young people have hormones. Even Plato would be shaking his head at that one.

Perhaps we could employ the latest missile in punishing the clever-heads for their pointless research. Not by killing ‘em, cause that’d be, like, heavy and uncool man, but by firing the new Counter-electronics High-powered Advanced Missile Project over their heads. The missile works by firing high power microwaves at buildings – which has the effect of knocking out all electronics including, of course, computers.

Keith Coleman, the project manager for Boeing Phantom Works, was well pleased with himself, saying that the team had “turned science fiction into science fact”. Well done, guys. Now how about moving on to that science fiction where people have actually eradicated war and spend time inventing things like ways to feed everyone on the planet with the resources we have instead. Hmm, can’t see that happening any time soon.

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