Wolverines tear apart Warriors

Only three weeks remain in the regular season of the Dart Women’s League under the Grand Cayman Flag Football Association and the underdogs are scrambling to secure their spot in the playoffs.

One of the most anticipated rematches of the season took place last Friday at the Camana Bay Field with the Zulu Warriors looking for a repeat win against the Burger King Wolverines. Lightning did not strike twice for Zulu as the Wolverines had a convincing 32-6 win.

Wolverines quarterback Antoinette Lewis had one of her best passing games of the season, completing 15 of 23 pass attempts. Lewis got some relief as Alex Terry tried her chances, completing three of eight pass attempts and utilizing her speed to run the ball.

Terry also led the offence with six catches and rushed the ball for two touchdowns. Her second touchdown was gained by running the ball in as QB in the final 30 seconds of the game. Saneata Smith continues to be a stand-out offensive player in the league, having caught four balls that included one for a catch in the end-zone and one touchdown that she ran in.

Carrie Barnett was instrumental with her four receptions and Benecia Thompson caught a ball in the end-zone for conversion points.

After missing a few games, Shinette Rhoden seemed to return in even finer form as she led the defence with five tackles. Barnett also had three tackles and Terry had two. Jahzenia Thomas and Natalee Dyke each had two sacks and Smith caught an interception at the 10-yard mark and ran the ball all the way in for a defensive touchdown.

The Warriors struggled in the first half but were able to make it on the scoreboard in the second half with Shamar Ennis catching a long ball and running in the team’s only touchdown. QB duties were shared between Dionne Whittaker and Jessica Pawlik. Whittaker started off the game completing one of three passes and Pawlik managed just 10 of 24 passes, with one interception thrown.

Maggie Ebanks saw the most action on offence, catching five balls, followed by Shamar Ennis with three.

Adrianna Christian had an impressive game on defence, leading her team with four tackles and one sack. Wendy Torres also had four tackles, followed by Agueda Blake with three. Tanjana Campbell had two sacks and Maggie Ebanks knocked down many balls in the end-zone, preventing the Wolverines from furthering their lead.

That same evening, the Hot 104.1FM Cheetahs faced the Maples Bliss, but the uneventful game ended in a tie with neither team scoring. Rough is the best way to describe the Cheetahs’ offence, as QB Jamesette Anglin completed a mere five of 16 pass attempts with two interceptions thrown. Tonia Ebanks-McLaughlin had a try as quarterback, but her one attempt was intercepted by Maples.

Ebanks-McLaughlin also caught two balls on offence, followed by Tracey Seymour, Jessica Richards and Trenny Nelson each with one reception. The Cheetahs will have to rethink their strategy and offensive line-up in order to secure their spot in the playoffs.

Defence managed to keep Cheetahs in the game, as Amanda Nelson led with six tackles. Sara Dixon had four tackles and one sack. Ebanks-McLaughlin and Anglin both had three tackles and Anglin added an interception to her game, as did Seymour. Kara Rankin also had a sack.

It certainly wasn’t a blissful game for Maples as they struggled to score just yards away from the end-zone. QB Loletta Hanna completed just 10 of 24 passes with two interceptions thrown and Ellenor Berry managed only one completion with six pass attempts. Malaqui Awe was instrumental on offence, leading with six catches, followed by Jessica Maxwell and Marleena Smith with two catches each.

Somali Hall is proving herself as one of Maples’ most valuable players, gaining interceptions in nearly every game as she had two picks against the Cheetahs and two tackles. Berry also had an interception and tackle and Diannera Whittaker came up with three tackles. Smith also added a sack to her defence.

Saturday morning’s games began with the Androgroup Killa-Panthers defeating the Lone Star Jager Monsters 12-6. Christina Hefner returned as QB for the Killa-Panthers, completing 12 of 23 passes and two interceptions thrown. Lisa Malice had a quick turn with three pass attempts but was unable to connect with any receivers.

Alicia Dixon and Malice had the most looks on offence, with each player catching four balls. Cassandra Bodden followed with three receptions, including one ball that she ran in for a touchdown and another ball caught in the end-zone for another touchdown.

Killing the Jager Monsters on defence was Suyen Coe as she led Androgroup with five tackles. Janique Samson had four tackles and one interception and Bodden had three tackles as well as an interception. Denise Delpesh added two sacks.

After changing their strategy, Lone Star are seeing a bit more progress with Erica Bosch at QB. The 2011 Rookie of the Year completed 13 of 25 pass attempts with two interceptions thrown.

Leading in receptions for the Jager Monsters was Renee Thompson with six catches, followed by Tricia Bell and Nickey Martinich with three catches each. It was a pass to Marline Williams in the end-zone that resulted in the Jager Monsters’ only touchdown.

A tight defensive game kept the Jager Monsters close, as Thompson led with four tackles, followed by Bosch, Bell and Tricia Miller with three tackles each. Bell and Miller each had an interception and Williams pushed through to gain four sacks.

Saturday’s second game saw the Hammerheads Lady Sharks hang on to a win against the Subway Stingers. QB Hong Nguyen didn’t throw many balls, but was on point completing 10 of 15 pass attempts.

Rebecca Lewis led the offence with seven catches and Lilia Conolly put the first touchdown on the scoreboard in the first half with her catch in the end-zone. Meghan Boccaccio added to the score with her catch in the end-zone for conversion points.

Boccaccio was a star on defence with two tackles, one sack and two interceptions that led to a defensive touchdown. Jennifer Leggett had four tackles, Conolly had one interception and Nguyen added a sack.

Three interceptions thrown by Subway QB Christina Pineda, who completed eight of 16 passes, resulted in the loss. Pineda spread the ball around, hitting Anna Nyaundi, Joanne Remillard and Keisha Anglin two times each. Subway made it past the 40-yard line a couple of times, but were unable to march the ball down the field.

Remillard had the defence on lock with five tackles, followed by Timisha Edwards, Kim Tyndale and Sophia Dilbert with two tackles each. Tyndale and Nikki Ebanks sped through blockers, gaining two sacks each and Shivonne Mitchell and Edwards also had a sack.

League matches continue this Friday, 24 August, at 8pm at Camana Bay with Lone Star against Subway on field one and Zulu battling Maples on field two. Saturday, 25 August, starts off with Androgroup against Hammerheads at 10am, followed by Burger King against the Cheetahs at 11am.

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