Drink a White Tip, save a shark

Local band Zipper Envy has joined forces with White Tip Lager to help support Cayman Marine Conservation and all those sharks in need of some help.

A pool party is taking place on Saturday, 25 August to raise awareness and money for Cayman Marine Conservation, while enjoying Treasure Island’s pool and a killer performance by Cayman’s own band Zipper Envy. The event kicks off at 3pm with an acoustic performance by Zipper Envy. The pool will be open and full of toys to keep you cool while having a good time. The fun continues well into the evening, coming to a close at 9pm.

“For every case of White Tip Lager bought, the Cayman Islands Brewery donates $1.20 to local Marine Conservation,” says Douglas Cameron, from Cayman Islands Brewery.

“But for this specific event if you make a $15 contribution you will receive a raffle ticket to win loads of White Tip and Caybrew prizes and you’ll be making a hefty donation to local marine conservation,” he continues.

A $15 contribution will get you a bucket of five White Tip bottles or some tasty barbecue food if beer isn’t your thing. It will also get you entry into the grand prize drawing, a private party for 10 at the Cayman Islands Brewery, hourly Caybrew prizes and $5 of your money will go to the dedicated conservation fund.

“There will also be prizes for the best pool floatie, so be sure to pick one up and jump on in,” adds Cameron.

The afternoon will commence with acoustic sets from Zipper Envy from 3 to 6pm and then a full band set from around 6.30pm onward. They will be playing a variety of originals and cover songs to get you in that good time mood.

“Zipper Envy are honoured to be joining forces with Cayman Islands Brewery, Club House and Treasure Island to raise awareness and support marine conservation in Cayman. The event will be a great way to spend your Saturday afternoon, relaxing by the pool with some local beer listening to chilled out live acoustic sets, leading into a full band performance as the sun goes down,” says Zipper Envy.

“We will be playing rain or shine so grab some mates and come share some White Tip Lager with us and support this great cause!

“There has been a great decline worldwide in shark population. Dozens of species of sharks are fished for various reasons. The finning industry is the cause of a large proportion of the decline; shark fin soup was once a rare delicacy, but it is now an easily accessible dish and this has resulted in a huge decrease in the number of sharks out there.

“Mat Cottam, from the Cayman Islands Department of Environment advised me that a worldwide take of 70 to 100 million sharks happens each year. When comparing that to the five humans killed a year by sharks, it really isn’t hard to see who the greater threat in the world is.

“The Department of Environment aims to change people’s perceptions of sharks. They are trying to combat the negative image that dates back to the 1970s when ‘Jaws’ hit the big screens.”

The money raised on Saturday will help fund research and buy important equipment needed; such as satellite tracking devices and fishing gear to catch and tag the sharks so they can keep an eye on them by tracking their movements.

“Some stay around the Cayman waters while others travel huge distances,” Mat says.

The cost estimate of sharks in the Cayman Islands was valued at $25 million a year. “If we wait till sharks are nearly extinct it will cost a lot more money than if we start taking action now,” says Mat.

Sharks aren’t like other sea life. They don’t give birth to hundreds of spawn, they only have a few pups each year and it can take up to 20 years for them to reach maturity.

So as well as having an afternoon of food, drinks, great music and pool fun, you will also be helping a great cause.

“What better way to spend a Saturday afternoon than sitting pool side with a bucket of cold brew, listening to killer live music all while supporting a great cause and winning cool prizes,” Douglas says.

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