Two arrested in shooting death

Two men were arrested Friday on suspicion of murdering a 20-year-old West Bay man in the Scranton area of central George Town on July 1.

The suspects, ages 23 and 28, had not been charged as of press time Sunday. They were arrested at George Town Police Station around 6 p.m. Friday in connection with the death of Jason Powery, who was killed by a single gunshot to the head.

Mr. Powery was shot in front of a house on Martin Drive at about 11 p.m. and made his way to the Globe Bar, about a block away, according to the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service. He was still alive when officers arrived at the scene but was later pronounced dead at the Cayman Islands Hospital.

Police detectives said last week that they had identified 31 people on CCTV footage who may have seen something suspicious that night on Shedden Road and in the surrounding area. The footage came from both private and government security cameras.

Neighbors, who declined to give their names, described the one-story home as a “party house” and said there had been problems with violence there before.

Mr. Powery’s cousin, David Ebanks, 20, and also from West Bay, was shot and killed on Jan. 23. Police made an arrest in connection with his killing on Feb. 6. Earlier this year, Mr. Ebanks’s father connected his son’s death to an ongoing gang feud.

Rudy Ebanks said his son had family connections to the Birch Tree Hill criminal street gang, but he said he didn’t believe his son was the intended target.

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  1. Does that make 3 murders so far this year?

    There were approximately 400 murders in Chicago in 2014. This is the most dangerous city in the USA.

    But it has a population of about 2,800,000 people.

    So that’s a murder rate of 0.014%.

    In just under 7 months, with a population of 55,000, and 3 murders we have a murder rate of 0.0054%.

    If we end up with 8 deaths for the year we will equal Chicago.

    Interestingly, Chicago bans the public from owning guns too. So only the criminals have them.

  2. Norman, the vast majority of people here cannot handle the responsibility of driving a car, how do you think gun ownership would be???

    It would be better to educate people about the dangers of possessing guns, and those that do not comply get put away for a very long time.

    More people talking to the police with information would achieve far more than an arms race amongst the local populace.

  3. Jenny
    I would LOVE to agree with you.
    How much better if no one had guns.

    This is the situation in the UK where there were 537 murders from 2013 to 2014 but with a population of 56,000,0000.
    So 9 per million compared to 142 per million in Chicago.

    But sadly guns HAVE become prevalent here and are used in many crimes. Including the shocking home invasion last week in Raleigh Quay. Someone knows who did this and despite a reward of $110,000 they aren’t talking.

    Good luck with getting this pond scum to hand over their guns. Because for THEM the guns give power and profits.

  4. Please now, you are giving pond scum a bad reputation here, it is probably quite useful for certain kinds of algae to survive.

    The glorification of guns amongst a certain minority of the population is troubling, particularly when the bullets their guns pack outnumber their brain cells. That said, I do not feel threatened by gun crime personally.

    I must admit though, I don’t party down Sparky Drive at 3am.

    Innocent people getting killed is horrific, but if it is wannabe gangster fools killing each other, then I don’t really care…other than for the reputation of this tourist dependent country, and the people left to pick up the pieces due to this stupidity – the police, medical responders and broken families.