Book lovers request sequel

Humane Society makes money and space

The Humane Society Book Loft raised more than $1,000 during a clearance sale on Saturday, 8 May. 

Manager Kim Blackwell said customers were so pleased with the selections and bargains that “a lot of people have asked us to do it again.” 

The outdoor event did not incur any costs but did involve the expenditure of a lot of effort by about a dozen volunteers, who willingly carried books down to the parking lot where browsers could look them over. Ms Blackwell said that a tent for shade, milk cases for sorting and shopping baskets for gathering were already on hand. 

The sale was to have run from 10am until 4pm, she noted, but everything was set up by 9am and people were already stopping by. Rain had threatened early, but soon dissipated.  

The point of the sale was to clear out duplicate copies and excess books in various categories, including oversize (“coffee table”) books and National Geographic magazines, she explained. Prices were set accordingly: paperbacks five for $1, hardbacks two for $1, magazines 10 for $1. 

One purchaser was thrilled to find a glossy photo book that retailed for $60. Because of its subject matter and “A-minus” condition, she insisted on paying $6 – double the asking price. Another find was a 1928 Charlie Chan mystery. Other shoppers were able to complete their collections of favourite authors, such as John Grisham or Mary Higgins Clark. 

Parking lot sales totalled $406, Ms Blackwell reported. The sale also attracted more than the usual number of people to the upstairs rooms, where $648 was taken in, she said. 

Given the pleasing results of the sale and the fact that “We still have quite a few books”, there will definitely be a repeat effort, she said.