A colourful harvest

New Le Creuset colour launched

Cayman’s luxury kitchen store Bon Vivant celebrated the launch of a new colour of Le Creuset cookware with a harvest dinner at the Brasserie Restaurant on Friday, 13 May. 

Le Creuset, the French cookware manufacturer, is known for its colourful cast iron enamelled products.  

The newest colour of cookware is called fennel. Bon Vivant owner Cynthia Hew said she thought it was appropriate to celebrate the launch of the new colour at the Brasserie. 

“Le Creuset makes me think of the Brasserie,” she said. “Both are always staying fresh and new.” 

Le Creuset has been making cookware since 1925, and the design of the cookware – which includes the ever-popular French oven – hasn’t really changed in the past 86 years. 

“But they still make it attractive with vibrant colours,” said Mrs. Hew, adding that ‘fennel’ was launched with the farm-to-table idea in mind, making the Brasserie a perfect place to celebrate the new colour. 

The Brasserie holds monthly harvest dinners from November through April, but it takes a break during the summer. They hosted this off-season harvest dinner especially for Bon Vivant, moving the event from its normal garden side location to the cooler patio room. 

As usual, the harvest dinner featured much of what could be sourced fresh in Cayman, including blackfin tuna sashimi, a breadfruit and conch fritter, baby arugula salad, calalloo, local corn and sweet potato.  

Executive Chef Brad Phillips also fired up the Brasserie’s caboose – a traditional sand-bottomed wood grill – to make the main courses of fresh fried snapper and grilled Niman Ranch pork chop. 

Blackbeard’s provided the wines from the Piedmont, Italy, producer Batasiolo, which included Gavi di Gavi, Barbera and Moscato. 

Guests were given a fennel-coloured Le Creuset mini cocotte with a recipe as a parting gift, along with the opportunity to purchase Le Creuset cookware at a discount the following day.