Cayman free diving shown on ABC news

The Cayman Islands’ underwater sporting scene will be featured on Good Morning America and Nightline on Tuesday, 24 May. 

Miami-based presenter Matt Gutman and a film crew were on-island to cover the recent Formula Three Freediving event and the sport itself, said Kirk Krack. 

“I took him through a static session and got him up to [holding his breath for] five minutes and then we did some ocean dives on the Kittiwake. We let him have a [water] scooter and free dive around for a while. 

“Our body has a basic ability to adapt to extreme environments and that is what free diving is about. People who are water inclined are certainly more relaxed, and it is about understanding that different breathing patterns induce different states of relaxation, and then there is the techniques of different dives and the ability to withstand different levels of carbon dioxide as they accumulate,” explained Mr. Krack. 

The ABC correspondent said on his Twitter feed that freediving was a ‘fantastic experience’ 

Good progress 

The event, called Deja Blue 2, featured 23 athletes from Brazil, Japan and the United States competing over seven days. There were also scooter races around the Kittiwake involving various gates and a rally race near Macabuca. 

“It’s kind of like Top Gun meeting Formula One meeting free diving,” said Mr. Krack, who said the ABC presenter showed good progress. 

“Matt was interesting; [to start with] he had a one-minute breath hold, then after 45 minutes in the pool he had a five-minute static. He got down to the bottom of the sand, which is about 55 or 60 feet. 

“He is a scuba diver so was acquatically inclined, which certainly helped. It’s that and the relaxation of knowing the safety protocols are in place and you have experienced people looking after you so you can push yourself a little more.” 

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