Lighthouse families visit the Brac

On 12 April, the Lighthouse School students, parents and staff from Year 3 through 13 had a day school trip to Cayman Brac. 

The day’s activities included visiting the caves, the schools and of course the famous Lighthouse on the Bluff. 

This trip was a school trip that should have happened in 2008, but because of Hurricane Paloma, it had to be postponed. 

“It was a wonderful occasion and many of the students marvelled at the trees growing out of the rocks and especially the caves,” said Principal James Myles. “They really enjoyed exploring the caves.” 

From the plane ride to the tours and food to the special craft market at West End Park, the day was worth the three-year delay. 

Lighthouse School primary students visited the West End Primary School and shared a learning experience in Mathematics, while the secondary students visited the special need class at Cayman Brac High School. 

“Everyone enjoyed the food on the Brac from the patties and sandwiches to the all encompassing buffet at Brac Reef for lunch,” said Mr. Myles. 

“Special thanks go out to all those persons and companies who made this trip possible and those who so graciously accommodated the Lighthouse School on the very educational and entertaining trip,” he said. “The principals and staff at West End Primary and Cayman Brac High, Mr. Tony Lazzari and Mr. Jonathon Tibbetts for transport, the flight crew of Cayman Airways, Kirkconnell’s Deli, Mrs. Saskia Edwards from the Department of Tourism, Cayman Brac office, the ladies of the craft market, Pioneer Bakery, management and staff of Brac Reef Resort and Mr. Chantilope, and last but not least Keino Daley and Gregory Banks, our awesome tour guides. 

“We took hundreds of pictures and wonderful memories. Thank you, thank you, thank you all very much.” 

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Lighthouse students prepare to depart for Cayman Brac in April. – Photo: Submitted