Hospital to get CCTVs

Security cameras are to be installed in the Cayman Islands Hospital.

A tender invitation to install and operate a closed circuit television security system in the public hospital has attracted three bids, said Health Services Authority Chief Executive Officer Lizzette Yearwood.

“We recognise crime in on the increase and we need to make sure that we have something in place that will act as a deterrent for crime… and if [crimes] are committed, this will help identify perpetrators and bring them to justice,” Ms Yearwood said. 

A spate of break-ins and vandalism of cars in the back parking lot of the hospital several months ago were among the factors that led the Authority to consider installing the cameras. 

“We have security officers but, of course, they cannot be everywhere,” Ms Yearwood said. 

“It will be done in two phases,” said Ms Yearwood. “We’ll be looking at all the critical areas of the hospital that are mostly accessed.” 

Areas to be monitored by the CCTV system include Accident and Emergency, the perimeter of the hospital and its parking areas.  

The Health Services Authority board will choose the winning bid for the project. The deadline for the request for proposals was earlier this month. Contractors were invited to provide a system with a resolution capable of reading vehicle licence plates any time of day or night. 

The system will be required to have storage capacity of at least one month and be able to network with remote access capability. 

Ms Yearwood assured that the privacy of patients will be protected, as the cameras will be installed only in areas commonly accessed by the public, not on wards or units within the hospital where patients are treated. 

She said she hoped the first phase of the installation of the new security system would be completed before the end of this year. 

The CCTV system for the hospital is separate from island-wide installation of police-monitored cameras in public areas that was scheduled to begin in March but is now likely to begin later this month or in early June. The public CCTV system, as proposed by government, would have approximately 350 cameras operating once completed.