Minister: No plans for minimum wage

Responding to a question asked during a Chamber of Commerce
public meeting Wednesday, Cayman Islands Employment Minister Rolston Anglin
said he had no immediate plans to introduce a minimum wage into the Labour Law.

The query came at the end of a 90-minute ‘be informed’
session hosted by the Chamber on local pension and labour issues.

“Is there any plan to change the pension contribution
amount, the percentage and also to introduce a minimum wage in the Labour Law?”
asked Chamber President Jim O’Neill.

“No and no,” said Minister Anglin, who acknowledged that he
expected a motion in the upcoming Legislative Assembly meeting that would
propose the creation of a $5 per hour basic wage rate.

Mr. Anglin has previously said that he was not opposed to a
minimum wage, but that the issue is far more complex than simply setting an
arbitrary rate.

“We are going to set up a group, not a minimum wage advisory
committee, but there’s a minimum wage group that is going to explore the issue
of minimum wage to come back and talk about what’s existing in the economy and
what work needs to be done,” he said, indicating that at the end of a few
months review a decision about whether to proceed would be made.

“It’s quite easy to have aspirations like a minimum wage,”
Mr. Anglin said. “I don’t think there are many people that disagree with the
principle of a minimum amount of money that every person should make. But it
has to take into consideration your economy, your current workforce and your
current economic climate.”

For instance, the hiring of domestic helpers poses quite a
problem if Cayman were to introduce a minimum wage, Mr. Anglin said.

“The single biggest employer group [in Cayman is]
individuals who employ domestic helpers,” the minister said. “So if someone’s
going to say to me ‘yes we should have a minimum wage but the first exemption
is going to be domestic helpers’…I don’t know if I can…go to the [United
Democratic Party] caucus and recommend that, much less go to the house.

“We need to figure out what we’re going to do with 6,000
domestics, the vast majority of whom are currently making less than five
dollars an hour.”

Also, the issue of whether employees that receive tips
should make a minimum wage would also need to be decided, Mr. Anglin said.


  1. If you respect the companies and individuals who EMPLOY its always best to let the market work w/out Gov interference . America is an absolute joke now due to our Government , most of whom have NEVER run a business or hired a single employee , ( including our current President telling business leaders HOW to run their companies .

    I look forward to moving my business to your Caribbean paradise next year and working in a sane environment like America was when it THRIVED and grew … too too many years ago . THe only growth now is unfortunately Socialism as GOV over regulates and taxes the few of us who work and create to death .

    Cayman realizes that most business owners are not complete idiots out to enslave employees since business is still your basic three legged stool … the CLIENT , OWNER , and EMPLOYEES must win or we all fall over.

    Cayman is indeed the future for many of us seeking sanity in a very crazy world .

  2. Stumble Upon’s statement is actually endorsing Mr. Rolston Anglin’s snobbish statement made with his elected nose upturned to the working class, declaring that he is not interested in introducing the minimum wage at this time. I beg to differ Rolston Anglin is not at all interested in the people enjoying a mimimum wage EVER! Rolston has lost touch with the working class. The time to vote these guys out is after they have accumulated wealth, as they switch and work for themselves and their rich friends.

    We elected these boys, yes Boys ’cause they don’t act like mature adults) to work for us, and they keep passing the buck on to these weird committees with strange titles and subtil make-believe discoveries and so called findings that are handcrafted only to ‘HOOD WINK the people of the Cayman Islands.
    Mr. Miller, member for North Side a man that has insight, inegrity, brains and initiative propoosed the minimum wage to help the people of the Cayman Islands and also protect x-pats or guest workers who too are being abused and underpaid in the work place year after year.

    Rolston Anglin and the UDP work for themselves, the rich and elite and of course the CHAMBER OF COMMERCE who represents big business and big corporations.

    They are your worst enemies!

  3. Stumble, can’t possibly agree more. Minimum wage is nothing other than a feel good – vote buying policy for those who have no idea how the economy and free markets works (or do but are in it for political gain) which amounts to little other than increases in cost. Please on the minimum wage are _always poor_! Always! Where ever a minimum wage exists. No matter what the wage is set to. Wonder why that is…

    No one is supposed to _live_ off minimum wage. A good working free economy is supposed to provide you a way _out_ of minimum wage! not _keep_ you there!!

    You ought to think it would common sense, you ought to think by simply looking at the repeatedly _failed_ models all over the world, especially in the new land of non-opportunity (the USA) this should be obvious!

    The US economical collapse is a _government created crisis_. Why on earth would anyone want to follow failed policies of this hideously failed model?

    In contrast, until recently, this government (Cayman) has always managed to sustain and prosper on the revenues it generated, until it adopted a spend more than you get mentality. direct taxes were never on the radar until that mentality was adopted. The Cayman economy has always strived, And still does in comparison to just about all other economies. Now we want to adopt policies of these other socialist countries???

    Always love to hear Ezzard’s argument that All of the civilized world has a a minimum wage as if that’s cause to implement it. Greece, Portugal, Italy, France, Ireland, most of the EU, the USA has it, and look at them! they are BROKE, ready to default…

    What a blatant display utter ignorance, its almost insulting. Or perhaps those pushing it understand that once you implement it, you create a dependency of mediocrity, and therefore a continual reliable voting base always waiting for the crumbs you promise them.

  4. The trouble with a minimum wage for foreign domestics is that it would never be enforced. Their exploitation would continue unabated. The Immigration Law and the Labour Law are applied only selectively to their employers, and so would a formal Minimum Wage. Why add to the list of laws ignored by our authorities? First, enforce the other laws; only when that happens, will a Minimum Wage make any sense for migrant domestics.

  5. Barlow, you are missing the point. It’s not a matter of enforcing minimum wage.

    Minimum wage is the point. It’s the problem.

    Minimum wage is supposed to help the poor. So those making 3 dollars an hour, get a 2 dollar hike an hour, for example. WOOT. they are rich, for now……

    But wait. That means all the workers in stores must also be paid minimum wage. The cost of doing business increases for business owners. Oh, what shall they do now…wait….they will increase the costs of everything in thier stores. There, that offsets the minimum wage salaries. Now all the stores now must charge more for thier products. because now all thier workers are being paid more.

    now 2 or 3 years later. Those who had no minum wage, who complained about not making enough money to survive, are happy with minimum wage when it was introduced. Are now wondering why everything is so expensive again 2 or 3 years later. They are poor again and can’t afford to live.

    So they ask for MORE to be added to the minimum wage. So now it’s 7 dollars an hour. And the cycle repeats itself.

    Minimum wage is bad, very very bad. Because all it does is makes everything more expensive. End of story.
    NO ONE benefits. Not even the minimum wage earners. Becuase eventually everything goes up in price due to the inception of minimum wage. And what is created is an economy which eventually will crash. Inevitable.

    Jobs that don’t pay much, aren’t meant to help raise a family of 4 here. They are usually supposed to be stepping stones to a better job. If those who are in those jobs, use it for just that. If they chose to stay in those positions. You cannot artifically help them financially by screwing up the entire economy!

    Come on, everyone has to see this! no?

  6. Yes Alfonso … regarding your comments on my first post…. The insane additional laws to protect the people only end up enslaving them for the feel good purpose. It also creates a mood where the employee feels like they need the GOVERNMENT to PROTECT them from the EVIL EMPLOYER … ( see how thats working out so great in AMerica lately ? LMAO .

    The next step of course would be hiring a new staff of GOV workers to MAKE SURE the new laws were enforced of course . Then maybe find a creative way to tax the evil business owners to pay for the staff that watches over them … WAIT … thats the USA !!!

    PLEASE use caution Beautiful Cayman Island people when making decisions that will BRING business leaders IN or just go ahead and change the name to Grand USA South .

  7. I do not favour a minimum wage – for good economic reasons. What I do favour, above all, is a free labour market – i.e. the abolition of indentured service for foreign domestics. It’s the indentures that make them little more than slaves, not the low wages.

  8. Isn’t it any wonder Mr. Alden McLaughlin has absolutely nothing to say in this conversation regarding the working class and their minimum wage which is way over due?! An aspiring gentleman to the highest office in our Legislature has nothing to say on behalf of the working class! Are you surprise? I’m not, only if it is something that interests him personally will Mr. Alden McLaughlin, Leader of the PPM opposition get involved.And I mean PERSONALLY!
    This doesn’t look good on his resume.

    Guys, we have a bad hand to pic from.
    We definitely need new and Independent blood next time.

    They’re all the same people just wearing different hats.

  9. Nice to hear that people are starting to realize that all politicians have the same agenda which to get the big job, they are only interested in what’s best for them. They will rally and manipulate the people only to get them on their side it has nothing to do with the topic or the people concerns. Everyone needs to take what they say at arm’s length and do their own research o the topics they bring up before making their minds up on which things they want to support.

    I’ve said this again and again, Politicians are Politicians.

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