World Gym weighs in with $3m

A quarter of a century ago what was a dream of two friends, Paul Aiken and Tertius Broderick, is poised to materialise into one of the best fitness facilities in the Caribbean. A new World Gym will open this summer.

World Gym started humbly as the Cayman Bodybuilding Club in the mid-Eighties. The only other fitness facility around was the Cayman Nautilus Fitness Centre, located at the Crighton Building by the airport.

At some point the two clubs merged and the Cayman Nautilus brand was retained and the club moved to the Islander Complex. In 1993 the World Gym franchise was acquired and a new dawn in the fitness business emerged.

“Our goal was and still is to provide legendary customer service and also to provide our members with the tools and techniques to reach their health and fitness goals,” said World Gym owner Broderick. Aiken is no longer involved.

Keeping in line with their vision, World Gym Fitness Centre is completing an ambitious project of a fitness facility that will rival any gym in the region.

“What started as a casual conversation with developer Jim Dyer regarding a prime location for a fitness centre has evolved into a reality as we have broken ground on a 14,000 square foot, $3 million state of the art facility,” added Broderick. It will be located behind Queen’s Court Plaza on West Bay Road and the old one beside Dunkin’ Donuts will close.

“The New World will have many new pieces of cardio equipment such as water rowers, Jacobs Ladder, ab coasters and Cybex VR2 and probably the most awesome feature will be our Muscle Beach outdoor workout area.

“This takes us back to our roots as World Gym was started by such greats as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Joe Gold who worked out at the original Muscle Beach in Venice, California. Also planned is a Barbell Café which will be the first Paleo themed health food café on the Island.”

The facility will also boast Back to Health, a full service chiropractic and sports rehab facility headed up by Dr. Jennifer Royer-Thompson.

“Our goal is to be most current, well equipped, full service fitness centre on the Island. Hopefully we will have a grand opening on 1 December barring any storms and hurricane threats!”

For more information contact World Gym Fitness Centre on 949-5132