Jimel faster than all

Hondas are in abundance on island but one Civic is making waves in local autocross.

Jimel McLean’s metallic gold-painted Civic hatchback is at the top of the street tire class for the Cayman Motorsports Association’s time attack series. The next race in the series is this Sunday 29 May at 1pm. As usual the Progressive loop on Sparky Drive will be the site of the action with Automotive Art hosting mandatory sign-up on Friday 27 May at 7pm.

McLean’s car is only ride thus far to win in its class this season. Using an underpowered D15 engine, Jimel (whose brother Daron is the car owner) took down a field of competitors with larger engines in the season opening event back in February. Afterwards the car went under the knife getting fresh paint and a new power plant.

The question heading into this weekend’s meet is whether anyone can remove McLean off his throne. McLean says his little Civic is hungry for more success.

For the record local autocross is a great sport to get into. Many experienced racers are on the scene and are willing to offer help to newcomers. It’s a family event and only takes a simple road-worthy vehicle to get started. One doesn’t need a turbo sports car with over 400 horse power to compete.

To find out how to get involved e-mail [email protected]