It’s colour, it’s candy: It’sugar


Tourists and locals queued up to be let into the newest and sweetest store in town on Friday. 

The occasion was the 27 May ‘soft’ opening of It’sugar’s new store at Royal Watler, said proprietor Malin Ratcliffe. 

“We really do want to uplift the cruise passenger experience and the stayover and local market. We’re hopefully going to be a very strong presence in George Town and Cayman as a whole.  

“We have a fabulous team of bright young Caymanian staff which has been fantastic in getting this together. We could not be more proud and excited. We have spared no expense – this is hundreds of thousands of dollars of building, fit out, product,” she said. 

The store will also be adding a Gelato machine, awnings and an outdoor seating area, added Ms Ratcliffe. 

Hip and cool 

The Cayman Islands store marks the first venture for It’sugar in the Caribbean.  

The company has a huge presence in the United States, Europe and the Middle East, said Frank Dinunzi, the director of international business development. 

“Hopefully it’s the first of many. We are excited to bring this hip and cool emporium to the Cayman Islands. It has been a great experience; we are looking forward to great things. 

“We really hope to not only service the tourists but become a part of the local community as well with promotions and discounts so everyone can enjoy It’sugar,” he said. 

Ms Ratcliffe added that there is a simple ethos behind the new venture. 

“Who doesn’t like sugar?” she asked.  

“You are what you eat – and who wants to be a brussels sprout?” 


Malin Ratcliffe gets ready for the opening rush of It’sugar. – Photo: Joe Shooman


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