Poll takers support deal

Comment after comment has been verbalised and posted on various social media sites claiming that the majority of the people in the Cayman Islands are against the deal the Cayman Islands Government struck with the Dart Group.

Fortunately those statements are exaggerations and this past week’s caycompass.com online poll proves them to be false.

In fact the majority of the people who responded to our poll support the Dart deal because they know that without it Grand Cayman is in serious trouble, especially when it comes to the George Town Landfill, better known as Mount Trashmore.

While admittedly not everyone likes everything about the deal, those with common sense and level heads realise that the trade off will put the Cayman Islands in a better economical position.

The second largest section of respondents said they like some of the deal but disliked other parts with some respondents in the group saying this deal is better than the East End Seaport idea.

No one can make the argument that Dart does shoddy work. Everything they have touched – from Camana Bay to the district parks – has been top-notch and professional.

Some $18 million that would be given to the Cayman Islands Government under the agreement will go for new school building construction, affordable housing and educational training programmes. Money from Dart would also help pay for vocational and technical training for students – something regular callers to radio talk shows ask for weekly. These are all things Government would not have been able to do because of budget constraints without the deal. In addition to improving education and the general quality of life in the Cayman Islands, development and construction associated with the deal will create jobs, especially in this country’s foundering construction industry.

And did we mention Mount Trashmore? If Dart hadn’t stepped up to the plate only God knows how long that environmental disaster would be allowed to continue to pollute the North Sound. It appears the majority of those in their right minds agree, the Dart deal has much merit.


  1. this past week’s caycompass.com online poll proves them to be false.


    If the Editor believes an unscientific poll proves anything, we need to question his ‘common sense and level head’

  2. Who’s afraid of Ken Dart? Given the current economic environment in the world, there are dozens of countries begging for any capital investment – Long term or otherwise. However, the Dart family’s investments here in Cayman are huge and require decades to see any ROI. Without capital, without creative and intellectual input from citizens of other nations and without the forward thinking Caymanians of the past this country might still be subsisting on turtles.
    What about Ken’s vulture lending reputation? So, what? It’s legal and forces countries to get their proverbial sh*t together. Example: Greece – Hugely mismanaged by politicians for years and the country just kept on spending at levels it could never support. They are now seeking long term loans ( issuing gov’t bonds ) . If you had the money would you lend to them? Would you expect a return on your investment? Without consequences for poor financial management ( holding the debtor to account ) there are no lessons learned and no need for financial reform.
    More to the point, what Mr. Dart does is above board and legal. What dozens of Wall Street banks, the US Gov’t, the ratings agencies and mortgage companies perpetrated on the US population and then sold around the world via CDO’s is truly criminal.
    The only thing to be afraid of is reverting, out of fear and ignorance, to a state of xenophobia and undoing decades of progress that many intelligent Caymanians of previous generations sought for this country.

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