No middle-aged spread on John

The perception that bodybuilding is generally for youngsters is not strictly true, many champions are middle-aged and look great for it.

That was certainly the case at the recent Back to Back bodybuilding championships at King’s Sports Centre. Winner of the men’s open category was policeman

Hugh Cotterell who still makes an arresting sight at 52.

John Thompson was second in the open division and he looked in great shape too and is only a mere 40! So much for middle-aged spread. Gill Roy Jouavel came third.

Thompson has been bodybuilding for years and is still devoted. He said: “I have won the junior Mr. Cayman and Mr. Cayman heavyweight before. I enjoy playing golf when I get the chance to but bodybuilding is my first love, of course.”

He works for HSA as an Information Technology manager so has no problems being able to lift computers around. So taxing are the demands of preparing for a competition that Thompson will not compete next time. “I will take a year off and enter the following year. In regards to what I need to do to win, I just need to condition my body more.”

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