Women’s event for the ‘struggling’

A number of women attending First Assembly of God women’s conference

– Struggling? Let go and Let God – had a worshipping good time opening night last week.

“We all have storms in our lives, but we have to let it go and let God. I came to tell you there is hope and more in the walk with God than what we are going through, there is peace and joy in God’s presence,” said Ellen Pequero from the Church of God Chapel, Frank Sound.

The conference, which lasted three days was the brainchild of organiser Theresa Thomas of Notable Woman Ministry.

“Everything was wonderful, people were blessed and repented. Women went to a new level in Christ again to be in that happy place in serving God. The conference was excellent and we got a lot of praise and people are asking for another one to be done quickly,” Ms Thomas said.

Dressed gloriously chic with valet parking provided, the ladies were presented with roses on opening night. Worship leader Diana Johnson set the stage for the night and led attendees into a number of praise and worship songs which were well-liked by the audience.

Women’s Affairs Minister Mike Adam said he looked forward to a repeat of the conference in coming years and noted that regarding the conference theme in so far as it related to “letting go” while the advice is certainly good it was much easier said than acted on.” However, he said in this context at least the benefits of giving up control were invaluable and placing our fears and concerns into hands that are infinitely capable should be encouraged.

Minister Adam also supported the idea women were opening up and rallying support to each other in dealing with life issues.

“I well record the historic legacy of the Cayman women strength and power of endurance which is always attributed to divine providence, but, despite this, women should be afforded the same treatment and opportunities as men,” he said.

Minster Adam said he was aware of the fact that because of their sex, gender roles or because they were pregnant, women were often victims of unfair employment practices and sexual harassment “right here in our little cherished island.”

He took great pleasure in sharing that the 2011 gender equality bill which will address these and other discriminatory issues has reached the Legislative Assembly and is on the agenda to be debated in September. Additionally, he said he was also pleased that last year they had strengthened the protection options available to victims of domestic violence by passing the protection from domestic violence, which expanded the definition of domestic violence to include not just physical abuse but emotional, financial and sexual abuse.

Organiser Ms Thomas said Cayman needed the women’s conference.

“We go to work, go to church, go home, eat, take a nap, wake up da, da da, women are hungry and dry, but tonight I promised to soak you in word and get you all excited about God and worshipping him,” she said.

Keynote speaker Pamela Ward from Outreach Ministries New York, spoke her word to Minister Adam and those gathered as well as shared with attendees about women in the Bible.

Other speakers such as Elsa Bobb, of First Assembly and Joan Feare, of Church of God Prophecy, also shared during the conference.

During the event attendees were blessed with dance by the Dance Ministry.

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