Exploring a passion for painting

The art scene of Cayman continues to produce young talent, with Rachelle Rivers the latest example.

The skilful artist is now marketing more than 500 works as she continues her studies at Savannah College of Art and Design in Atlanta.

“I was born with a passion for the fine arts and highly enjoy painting. My favourite medium is acrylic, most common subject matter is nature and style is categorised as Realism but there is a huge variety within my experimentations,” she tells Weekender.

Rachelle’s dad Richard is her initial inspiration. “He taught me to draw before I could even hold a pencil properly and is my greatest supporter up to this day,” she smiles – and she has many favourite artists.

“Georgia O’Keefe was my favourite artist from the beginning, when I became addicted to painting flowers. However, there are many artists whose work I adore and learn from. Recently working at Pure Art, artists that stand out the most to me would be John Clark and Lorna Griggs.

“It’s hard to specify an artist I identify myself with due to my diversity, I learn something new everyday and continuously experiment with different media and techniques.”

Inspiring environment

College in Atlanta is proving to be challenging but inspiring, she continues, acknowledging there is a huge difference between the city and Cayman.

“I consider living between the two as having the best of both worlds! Atlanta is a beautiful city that never sleeps. There’s advantages to this such as 24-hour grocery stores to accompany my all-nighters.

“The nightlife is amazing and the main differences to Cayman would be the food, accents, prices and the fact that everywhere is open on Sundays! Nevertheless, there’s nothing like home and being able to say you were born and raised where people dream to vacation. Returning to the warm breeze, smell of sea salt and white-sand beaches is truly a taste of paradise I look forward for whilst in school – that’s the scenery that inspires me to paint,” notes Rachelle.

Indeed, her experiences at Pure Art have affected her view on the art scene of Cayman and the process of art itself.

“Working in an art store has enormously impacted my view on Caymans’ art scene. I enjoy gazing at the work of local artist and learning visually how to improve. Every day my infatuation with fine art strengthens and inspires me to continue doing what I love. This experience so far has been tremendous because I’ve met so much people who’ve positively influenced my work and the way I think, in terms of the business world.

“I’m enjoying all the support I’m receiving along with the challenges of promoting my talent in such a competitive industry – it motivates me to strive for the best and stay on the ball.

“I would like to encourage those out there who have natural talent to be proud of your achievements and allow your skills to be the key that opens many doors full of opportunities! I struggled with self-confidence for years and avoided the spotlight whenever I could. Luckily, acknowledging the amount of supporters behind me made me realise you have to believe in yourself to gain that of others.

“I am thankful for all who have stood behind me and hope this exposure is just the beginning.”

You can contact Rachelle on 939-5539 or [email protected]

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