New You – Update

I spent some time with Helke getting used to
some of the machines and equipment at Anytime Fitness.  It is a well
organized facility and you can really focus on your workout.

I warmed up for 10 minutes on the
treadmill.  Helke varied the incline and speed and I was grateful for the
times I took the stairs at work.  I did not fall off and did a few
stretches afterward to make sure my legs would work when I was done.

The combination of upper and lower body
exercises showed me that my arms are not as strong as I thought them to
be.  I want strong arms even more than lean arms.  They look a bit
pillowy right now and only willpower kept me from dropping the barbells on
my own head.

Helke explained how some of the exercises can be done at home substituting
bottles of water for weights.  I just need a few more sessions with her or
Christine to iron out the moves first.  Co-ordination is not my strong
point and I must be the only colored person who does not have a sense of
rhythm.  Watch this space for an overview of my workout routine.



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