What if? The cruise ships stopped coming

First the cruise ships stopped coming

Then the taxis stopped running

Then the jewellery stockpiled

Although it was stunning,

Cause no-one was buying

Cause no-one was coming.

When the cruise visits stopped

They pulled out the stops

To attract plenty locals

To shop in the shops,

But the cashflow flowed out

Because cruise visits stopped.

All the people who worked

Or waitered or clerked

Or cleaned up or tendered

All day, never shirked,

Now stood idle, were sent home

As penury lurked.

They stopped the Carnival

Because it wasn’t feasible

And the restaurants’ and bars’ food

Was spoiled and inedible

Cause tourists were absent

Cause they stopped the Carnival.

The Stingrays stopped feeding

When none came to see them

And the tour boats lay idle

Tied up in their moorings

Cause cruise stayed away

Leaving tourism reeling.

And the tour buses rusted

On their wheels, encrusted

With dusty reminders

Of a world once entrusted

To bring a hard living;

Till cruises stopped coming.

So then the embargo

Was lifted on cargo

With daytime unloading

Of stuff, cause there were no

Cruise tourists each day

Though they searched high and low.

A man – wise enough to be dangerous – said,

‘If we build a cargo pier here instead,

We can earn enough money

For our daily bread.

If the cruise ships aren’t coming

Then that’s what’s needed.’

(So they did just that

And did it quite fast

And the cargo boats came

And divested their cache

Of goods, bads and uglies

In a pierside dash.)

Meanwhile, in Falmouth, Cuba, Cozumel

The number of tourists was starting to swell

Beyond all proportion;

The packed streets were hell

Cause the cruise ships kept coming.

Then the cruise boss said, “Well,

Maybe, just maybe, it’s time for a change

To our routes, just once more,

to expand out the range

Of what we can offer.

What can we arrange?

The cruise ships need places

To dock, not too strange.

I hear there’s an island, not much of a shock,

That’s just finished building a new cargo dock

They’re famous for turtle

And Ironshore Bock,

Perhaps we can visit

That two-by-four rock.”

So cruise ships started coming

And taxis began running

And the bars and the restaurants

All started re-opening

And cash started flowing

Cause cruise ships were coming.

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