Port board changes official

Changes to the Cayman Islands Port Authority Board announced in June were confirmed last week by Cabinet members in an appointment notice.

The notice was dated Wednesday, 6 July on the government gazettes.

Premier McKeeva Bush’s choice for Port Board Chairman, John Henry Ebanks, will replace United Democratic Party George Town Chairman Stefan Baraud, who resigned from the board last week. The former deputy chairman Woody Foster will be replaced by Nick Freeland, who will serve as the Chamber of Commerce representative on the board.

Board member Noel March will be replaced by attorney Anthony Akiwumi.

All other members of the 10 person board will remain in place.

Premier McKeeva Bush has said that Mr. Baraud and Mr. Foster resigned from the board while Mr. March had been “changed”. The notice issued Wednesday indicated that all three men had resigned and that those resignations were accepted with immediate effect.

The moves come after the Port Authority Board met on Friday, 24 June, and subsequently made a recommendation to the government that it re-establish negotiations with the GLF/Royal Construction team with regard to building the cruise ship berthing facility in George Town Harbour.

After Friday’s meeting, Mr. Bush said he called the board into another meeting on Saturday, 25 June, and said “he’d lost confidence with some of the board members’ ability to be impartial” with matters dealing with the cruise berthing facility and that he would be changing some of the new members.

Mr. Bush recently signed a “ministerial memorandum of understanding” with a Chinese government-owned company, China Harbour Engineering, after terminating the negotiating agreement with GLF in April, essentially granting the Chinese company exclusive negotiating rights with the government for the port facilities.

GLF has threatened to sue the government over the termination of its previous agreement and sent a 30-page notice of intent to sue to Port Authority Board members last month setting out their case. The lawsuit had not been filed 
by press time.

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