No new CUC charges billed

This serves to explain the recent change to CUC monthly invoices to consumers. It is important to understand that these changes only affect the format of your CUC bill and that no new or additional charges have been imposed by either CUC or Government.

With the recent spike in international oil prices, CUC has chosen to separate the portion of fuel charges that represent import duty charges on CUC fuel purchases used in the production of electricity. The ERA did not receive any prior notice from CUC of their intention to make this change to their monthly bills.

The Electricity Regulatory Authority understands the potential confusion that this new billing format may have caused. It is important to realise that these are not additional charges to your CUC bill and that these charges have always been included in the overall fuel cost charge item of previous CUC bills.

The Electricity Regulatory Authority is committed to protecting the rights of electricity consumers in the Cayman Islands; to ensure that they receive dependable power supply at the lowest possible cost.

The ERA wishes to reassure consumers that no new charges can be added unilaterally by CUC without proper regulatory approval.

Finally, the ERA would like to advise you that it is the intention of the Cayman Islands’ Government to launch within the next few weeks a monthly rebate, which would show up as a credit on your CUC monthly invoice. The final details of that rebate are being worked out and it is hoped that a further GIS announcement will be made on the matter.

The Electricity Regulatory Authority of the Cayman Islands

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