Online poll: Lingering concerns over money keep holidaymakers at home

Almost a third of respondents in an online poll won’t be going on vacation this summer because they either can’t afford it or plan to enjoy Cayman’s long summer days rather than travel abroad. 

Of the 404 readers who responded to the poll question “What are your vacation plans this summer?”, 127 people, or 31.4 per cent of the respondents, said they would not be taking a vacation in the next few months. 

Money concerns will be keeping some would-be holidaymakers in the Cayman Islands this summer.  

“I am broker than I have ever been,” said one reader, while another responded: “Have to pay CUC – no money left for vacay!” 

Another reader simply stated: “Can’t afford to travel.” 

“Because of the financial hard times, we will not be taking vacation for the second year,” another said. 

Others said they were opting to stay in Cayman to enjoy the summertime weather here. “Leave Cayman in summer? When the days are long enough to hit the beach/boat after work? I’d rather travel at other times of the year,” said one reader. 

Another responded: “It’s much cheaper to travel after the summer, especially cruises.” 

Of those who responded, 118 voters, or 29.2 per cent, said they would travel to North America for their holiday. 

The poll asked if readers would travel to North America, Europe, the Caribbean, have a staycation in the Cayman Islands, not take a vacation, or other. 

Just more than 50 voters, or 12.6 per cent of respondents, said they planned to go to Europe for a vacation during the summer, while 44 people, or 10.9 per cent, will be travelling to another Caribbean destination. Forty-four people also voted to stay in Cayman and have a staycation here. 

One reader who opted for North America said this was because there was nothing for children to do while school is out in Cayman. “Sadly, Cayman offers nothing for kids in the summer, so we head for Canada,” the reader said. 

Another respondent who will go to North America said: “I would have loved to go to Europe, but it’s just too expensive right now.” 

Twenty people chose ‘other’ as their option, including one person who responded: “Be anywhere but Cayman.”  

Other destinations to which readers said they would be travelling included New Zealand, Australia, Africa, Latin America, Central America. Another wrote: “Travelling to UK – it is not part of Europe!” 

Some respondents were from overseas and said they were choosing to come to Cayman for a holiday this year. “Cayman is safe … Comfortable and well run…” said one. However, another was clearly not happy with Cayman as a holiday destination, writing “Never will go to Cayman again.” 


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  1. I never understood why Caymanians thought it necessary to take holidays overseas when living in a Paradise, except for reasons of education, visiting relatives or suchlike. But then, Paradise may be a relative term?

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