Six teens vying for 2011 crown

Six young women will be competing for the Leo Club of Grand
Cayman Miss Teen Cayman title, with final competition next month. 

Reigning Miss Teen Leanne Ritch will crown the winner, and
during the event each contestant will be asked to pose, give a welcome speech
and character portrayal and answer a question. 

Miss Teen 2011 will receive a two-year government
scholarship, and each of the other contestants will be awarded prizes. 

This year’s entrants are: 


Mariah Tibbetts  

Mariah, 17, is the daughter of Marsha and Ian Tibbetts from
Bodden Town. Her platform – the importance of education and using education as
a tool to avoid vulnerable situations and to function as a member of society –
is being promoted through the Department of Children & Family Services.
Mariah is sponsored by Reflections and by her parents. 


Brooke Parchment  

Brooke, 15, is the daughter of Mora Goddard and Waldo
Parchment Jr of West Bay. Her platform – addressing and reducing the amount of
bullying among teenagers, especially young women – is being promoted through
the Frances Bodden Girls Home. Brooke is sponsored by
ProPlus Gardening Services Ltd. 


Juliana Wood 

Juliana, 16, from Bodden Town is the daughter of Keva Robb.
Her platform, to reduce drug consumption among Cayman Islands youth, is being
promoted through the Cayman Islands Drug Council. Juliana is sponsored by
J&R Industrial Services and by Impressions. 


Mandy Wilkinson  

Mandy, 16, from the district of West Bay, is the daughter of
Myrna Elizondo and Mack Wilkinson. Her platform, to reduce the amount of
bullying in the schools, is being promoted through the NCVO Foster Home for
kids and preschool organisation. Mandy is sponsored by WestStar TV Ltd and
Reliable Irrigation. 


Nicole Martin  

Nicole, 16, is the daughter of Franny and Lyndon Martin. She
is also the reigning Miss Teen Cayman Brac. Her platform, fighting against
animal abuse, is being promoted through the Cayman Islands Humane Society.
Nicole is sponsored by the Cayman Turtle Farm Ltd. 


Kayla Solomon  

Kayla, 16, is the daughter of Patricia and Ediston Solomon
from Bodden Town. Her platform, to minimise criminal activities among the
Islands’ youth, is being promoted through the Family Resource Centre. Kayla is
sponsored by APS and FADS 

The event will be Saturday, 27 August, at 7pm in the Lions


From left, contestants Kayla Solomon, Nicole Martin and Mandy Wilkinson, reigning Miss Teen Leanne Ritch, Juliana Wood, Brooke Parchment and Mariah Tibbetts. – Photo: Submitted

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