Opening the doors of perception

Humans, it is sometimes said, do not realise the potential within them.

According to author Jeffrey Wands, the biggest problem many people have is getting in our own way, sabotaging ourselves by dint of old fears, grievances and misconceptions leading to a loss of control.

However, this can be reversed, he says, and in his new book Knock and the Door Will Open: 6 Keys to Mastering the Art of Living, the psychic medium explores real life strategies he says will create harmony, happiness, purpose and peace.

“In these uncertain and hard economic times,” he tells Weekender, “people are searching for guidance and ways to reach their full potential. I look at life differently than the average person. I wanted to share my philosophy of life with people. ` The information in this book, if put into use, will bring effective changes to people’s daily lives.”

Cayman energy

Fortuitously, Cayman has something of a headstart in many respects.

“I love the Cayman energy. Being surrounded by the beauty of the islands makes for a very enchanted place. The Cayman Islands are a very tranquil and spiritual place. You feel one with the universe. The surrounding waters bring a very high vibration. Big cities have a more chaotic energy which makes tranquillity and peace more difficult to find.

“An environment such as the Cayman Islands can arouse the psychic energy that lives within each of us,” he says.

“Meditation and prayer are an important factor in opening up the sixth sense. It’s the perfect way to start. Each of us must learn to not only listen to, but to trust our inner voice. It comes from the deepest place in the soul,” says Wands.

His psychic practice has a waiting list of up to a year for a reading and his personal appearances and gallery shows are always sold-out events. The psychic medium also appears regularly on many national television and radio shows as well as his live shows.

“I can’t say that there hasn’t been a time when I wasn’t amazed at what takes place during a show. I recall doing a show on Long Island where I was reading a woman whose mother had passed away. During the course of the reading, the mother, through me, told her about a baby girl that she had given up for adoption. This woman had no idea that she had a sister. The mother went on to tell her where to find the sister, her name, etc.”

Vital question

There are also many light times, too. At one particular book signing a young lad raised his hand to ask what he felt was an important question, recalls Jeffrey.

“He wanted to know if he were to pass away, would he be able to visit Pamela Anderson while she showered. You know the old expression, ‘kids say the darndest things?’ Try to answer that with a serious face!” (Weekender would also like to know the answer to this vital question)

It’s not Wands’ first time on-island; and it’s always a favourite.

“I always look forward to the possibilities of meeting with new people, whether it be in a work situation or as a tourist. It is a great place for someone like me to unwind; get a second wind so to speak.

“Wherever I go, I do believe that we don’t meet by accident. We are all interconnected through the six degrees of separation.”

Join internationally renowned psychic medium, popular radio host and author Jeffrey Wands at Books & Books on Friday, 22 July, at 7pm for a discussion and signing of his latest book, Knock and the Door Will Open: 6 Keys to Mastering the Art of Living.

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