Rock it baby, Caribbean collection

 The Caribbean is a hotbed of music. We don’t have to tell you that (although we just did anyway). 

But what we do have to tell you is that a new compilation is coming out featuring artists from many of the islands of the region. 

Love the Music comes out on Ryff Music and features vibrant music that represents the best of the Caribbean culture presented by artists from the Caribbean Tourism Organisation’s member countries. The compilation project promotes aspects of Caribbean culture through music and spoken word, explains Roger Caruth of Ryff. 

“I consider music to be the Caribbean’s ‘cultural export.’ I think we as Caribbean people have a unique opportunity to spread the goodness of our culture through music, and the artists who carry these songs worldwide should be considered musical ambassadors. Therefore, a project of this kind was a natural fit. 

“People can expect a variety of Caribbean music including calypso, dancehall, merengue, soca, salsa, reggae and junkanoo.” 

Among many talents on the record is Grenadan hero Dollarman, who boasts a number one hit on the Billboard Dance Chart, and Fae Simon, who is considered one of the best upcoming UK acts. Aloe Blacc of Panama provided the theme song for How to Make it in America – a hit show on HBO. And that’s just scratching the surface. To find out more, you’re gonna have to buy it, folks. 


Worldwide distribution  

The project is distributed through Redeye, the leading independent distributor for both physical and digital music around the world. Their retailers in the United States include chains such as Best Buy, Borders, f.y.e. and independent stores. Redeye also exports records to Canada, Europe, Asia and Australia, and provides a digital distribution service that delivers content to iTunes, eMusic, Rhapsody and many other digital music stores. Redeye currently distributes such labels as Daptone Records, Alive Records, Bella Union Records, Revelation Records and artists such as Widespread Panic, The Donnas, Sun Public Enemy and Au Revoir Simone, to name a few. 

Ryff partnered with the Caribbean Tourism Organisation on the new release, explains Caruth. 

“Ryff Music is a combination independent record label, production and management company with a focus on niche market music and entertainment. Ryff Music was established to introduce people to the music and entertainment value of the often overlooked cultures and music,” he says. 

“The company grew out of the need to expose and promote the sights and sounds from all over the Caribbean and has expanded its focus to include a variety of music and artists from around the world. 

“At Ryff Music we make a commitment to artists and music development within a practical and cooperative business framework. Our agreements with artists are typically structured under joint venture or profit sharing agreements whereby we work together to maximise the revenue from record sales, public performance, sponsorships and publishing. Ryff releases content in both the traditional CD and DVD format as well as digitally through the Internet,” says Caruth. 


Vibrant scenes  

The artists on the release are drawn from the vibrant scenes of the Bahamas, Guyana, Panama, Jamaica, British Virgin Islands, Dominica, Carriacou, Grenada and Jamaica (as are the producers). Although there is no Cayman representation on this debut disc, Caruth says that the future holds many possibilities. 

“This will be a yearly project that will be released during Caribbean American Heritage Month and associated with Caribbean Week in New York and the CTO Foundation. We would love to get a few local artist/bands from the Cayman Islands next year.  

“The message really centres around the diversity of the music coming from the Caribbean not only in styles or genres but also in race, ethnicity and gender. Really reflecting that we are One Caribbean.”

You can contact the label at or [email protected] 

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