Grandview Condos 
receives accolades

Grandview Condos has been awarded a badge of excellence by TripAdvisor’s vacation rental arm, Flipkey. 

The accolade was based on consistently excellent reviews from visitors to the condos, said Max Hillier, property manager.  

“Flipkey profiles each individual condo in a complex rather than just the complex and it allows you to have listings of each condo, similar to rental by owner but managed by central management which is more beneficial to the strata and the rental pool itself,” Mr. Hillier said. 

“Because we have been rated excellent by visitors in all the units they said, ‘Hey guys, you have done a great job – well done.’ And as it’s voted by the people who actually stayed it has a lot more power.” The condos are also looking sharp after a new paint job and upgrade which began in April. “It hadn’t been painted since Hurricane Ivan and we have really gone back and taken it down, taking our time and fixing what needs to be fixed and the guests are loving it. It matches what we are doing in social media and the new paint job says, ‘Hey, we care.’” The property also has added a relatively rare plant, in Cayman terms, to its flora – a banana tree. It has just borne its first fruits, Mr. Hillier said.  

“We found this rogue banana tree growing which we [re]planted two years ago. Six weeks ago the bananas ripened on the tree so we tried them; the Jamaican guys told me they were stubby bananas and they taste absolutely amazing.” 

Grandview Hot Tub

Grandview Condos has undergone a facelift. – Photo: Submitted

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