Shepherding a Child’s Heart slated Sundays

A video-based parenting seminar called Sheparding a Childs Heart is being offered by the Church of God Chapel, George Town.

The seminar is held every Sunday at 6.30pm.

From 10 July to 7 August, the sessions will focus on the issues underlying children’s behaviours rather than treating the behaviours themselves.

The teaching is based on a book and video presentation by Tedd Tripp and is facilitated by Pastor Yalanda Palmer. It is the second time the seminar has been offered.

The teaching has been praised by parents, who have encouraged others to get involved.

Having heard the information and warnings given by Mr. Michael Myles and others involved in working with troubled youth, and being aware of the concerns of our entire community, the seminar organisers are passionate about providing strategies for identifying those underlying issues and helping parents to address those issues, which in turn will change the behaviour of children.

There is no charge for the Sheparding a Child’s Heart seminar, which runs for two hours each Sunday night.

For more information, call 949-9393 and speak with Pastor Yolanda.

There is no need to preregister. However, informing the church will assure that sufficient materials are available for those in attendance.

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