Health in business: Finding that perfect balance

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Butterfield takes an active role in providing employees with a healthy balance in the workplace. Through the company’s comprehensive health and wellness programme, every employee has the opportunity to take part in activities that benefit the mind, body and soul, such as health talks, health screenings, fitness classes and team building exercises – all at no cost or low cost to the individual.

“At Butterfield, our employees are one of our most valuable assets, and studies have shown that health and wellness offerings in the workplace boost employee morale, reduce absenteeism, improve work performance and increase loyalty,” said Elizabeth Depledge, Butterfield’s Senior Manager of Human Resources.

“Butterfield recognises the value of a healthy workforce and views wellness programmes as an investment to help address our business objectives and to increase employee engagement.”

Butterfield’s “Watching Your Health” segment is dedicated to providing employees with up-to-date health information and tips on topics such as cancer and stress management. These lunch and learn sessions feature talks by special guest speakers and experts in the field.

The latest component of Watching Your Health is Butterfield’s recent partnering with Johns Hopkins Medicine International, a well-renowned hospital based in Baltimore, USA. Johns Hopkins is known for setting standards of excellence in medical education, research and clinical care.

Some of the industry’s most well-respected medical experts from Johns Hopkins give quarterly talks to Butterfield employees on a wide-range of topics such as diabetes, heart health and healthy skin.

These series, called “Health Matters”, started in November 2010 with visiting physician Dr. Charles Angell who spoke to employees on the importance of managing stress and staying healthy in times of change. In May 2011, Dr. Sheu, a board-certified dermatologist with Johns Hopkins, provided employees with top tips for healthy skin.

Butterfield’s Private Banking division offers “Health Plus”, an extension of Health Matters. Health Plus offers clients access to top quality healthcare, as well as a variety of complimentary benefits such as medical information, toll-free access to care coordinators and remote medical second opinions.

In addition, clients have access to concierge services, a relaxing executive lounge when visiting the Johns Hopkins hospital and referral to premium accommodations.

“Most of us lead very busy lives and, as a result, our health isn’t always our number one priority,” said Chris Duggan, Butterfield’s Senior Manager & Head of Private Banking.

“With Health Plus, Butterfield Private Banking clients are able to take advantage of world class healthcare through Johns Hopkins as an additional benefit to the Private Banking service.”

Along with Health Matters, Health Plus was introduced in November 2010. Clients enjoyed a private health seminar at the Ritz Carlton, Grand Cayman with visiting physician Dr. Charles Angell who gave a high-level presentation on heart health for busy executives.

In May 2011, clients learned the importance of taking care of one’s skin with Dr. Sheu’s presentation on the latest advances in dermatology.

“Wellness programs are a great way for companies to encourage healthy activities for employees,” said Mike McWatt, Butterfield’s Deputy Managing Director.

“From a business standpoint, such initiatives are an investment in Butterfield’s greatest asset — our employees — and the return on our investment is likely to make a difference in both morale and the bottom line.”

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