Is there a Smarter way to live?

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It’s not something that is easily achieved, but chasing the elusive equilibrium is a never-ending search.

How do parents balance work and home life, leaving time to attend a child’s practice at the expense of a missed conference call?

How does a child balance their work and play, and play that’s a little bit of work?

How do our Leaders balance the needs of its citizens, guest workers, tourists all while seeing a precipitous drop in revenues? How does the Private Sector fund growth and change in this climate?

How do we balance our needs from our wants?

How do we balance the checkbook (or the Government balance the budget)?

How do we balance growth from sprawl?

Cayman is at another intersection where we are currently reviewing major proposals that will help shape the country for decades to come. These ideas and many others were discussed in a forum setting and objectives put forth on how to accomplish growth and diversity while creating a positive effect on our Quality of Life.

The Quality of Life starts at home, continues into our work places, follows us into the community and is a constant question posed when we turn on the lights, turn up the a/c, try to find more green space to play, work from home and the office and take vacations but never being out of touch,

Perhaps we can take the importance of Quality of Life forward a few steps in light of the many changes we face. Building Cayman can take new meaning, if accomplished in a different perspective, while maintaining our distinctly Non-North American lifestyle. After all, there’s a reason we all choose to live here, and it certainly has nothing to do with the negative facets we all know exist outside these borders.

We at IBM consider the next steps to center around the Green, or in IBM terms Smart, initiatives which hopefully will take root in Cayman as we look forward to what may be explosive growth. While there are many Smart Planet ideas we discuss, there are a few which stand out as applicable to Cayman

IBM classifies the strategy of Urban Planning as:

The ability to support the city’s economic and social development by designing and regulating the use of land and buildings in the context of natural environment, transportation networks and other related factors.
Soon, we’ll begin to discuss these ideas in more forum settings. There is a wealth of talent and knowledge within the IBM family and in Cayman to take advantage, and I hope to bring the community these ideas with partners here on island.

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