Kevin pushes Miller to Princeton school

Local basketball prodigy Jamaal Miller will be going to school in Maryland shortly. 

Miller, 17, has plans to attend Princeton Day Academy in Lanham, Maryland. Miller had help applying to the school from Washington-based basketball coach Kevin Wills, who was here last month studying the national Under-16 girls team (which included Andrea Jackson). 

National men’s basketball coach Daniel Augustine served as Will’s contact here. He states that Miller, who hails from Bodden Town, should be a good fit overseas. 

“I honestly believe that Jamaal can go really far,” Augustine said. “He has all the right qualities as a person: attitude, dedication, commitment and so on. He has all of the right characteristics a coach can look for. That is one of the reasons we in the Cayman Islands Basketball Association were able to work with him and his parents to get him off to school.” 

Miller, whose mother is sports personality Eleanor Berry, has jumped to prominence in the sport in a short period of time. In the last two years he has taken Bodden Town to a Under-16 basketball championship and helped the district climb the U19 ranks. 

Wills, 42, made his visit here thanks to local sponsors Dominos Pizza, AL Thompson and the Ministry of Health. He runs an organization called Total Basketball that works with US high schools. While here Wills stated that Cayman’s youth players had talent. 

“Every child has some talent,” Wills said. “The problem is all of them are not playing enough. They need to play various levels of talent. The variance in competition level allows you to be better quickly. On a whole Cayman has enough athletes to compete.” 

Princeton Day Academy is one of the institutions Wills has worked with in the Mid-Atlantic region. The school has a reputation for placing children in top basketball universities. 

Augustine states the plan is for Miller to follow in Princeton’s tradition. 

“To be clear we have five other boys and three girls looking to join Jamaal at Princeton. Jamaal will be going into grade 11 of high school. He is expected to then move on to a prep school and hopefully a big-name division one school. That’s what the school is known for and that’s what I expect.” 

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