CITA supports FORCayman proposals


The Cayman Islands Tourism Association has given the thumbs up to several development proposals announced recently. 

The association, which represents more than 200 tourism-related private businesses, said in a news release that it had conducted a question and answer session with a representative of Dart, which is partnering with the government on various projects under the banner FORCayman. 

“Overall, the Cayman Islands Tourism Association was pleased to hear that Dart has offered a solution for two of the top issues that have been previously identified by CITA as critical success factors for the tourism industry.” 

One of those was the George Town landfill, which the association has repeatedly said was of detriment to Cayman’s tourism product. 

“Not only is our main asset at risk, the natural environment, but the negative impression that the dump has on guests is also damaging to the reputation of the Cayman Islands as a leading tourism destination. The development of the new landfill inclusive of the facilities to accommodate recycle is another major benefit to all residents and tourists. 

“This project will provide the infrastructure to start an island wide recycling program which is a seen as a top priority by the Cayman Islands Tourism Association. As an industry the members are eager to support such a programme that would mitigate the effects of solid waste created and look forward to being a part of the solution,” the association said. 


Derelict hotels 

Another issue on the association’s agenda was the redevelopment of the derelict hotel properties on the island. Dart’s purchase of the former Courtyard Marriott and their intent to develop a new hotel, according to the association, would enhance the Cayman Islands tourism product. 

“The changes to West Bay Road in relation to the development are positive for both enhanced residential use and tourism, in so far as creating an improved and expanded public beach and a second beach on the northern side on West Bay road,” the group said. 

The tourism body also praised the preservation of Barkers as a National Park and obtaining the additional land under the agreement between Dart and the government would benefit the overall tourism product. 

“The Cayman Islands Tourism Association still recognises the need for the implementation of the National Conservation Law to zone this however this is a step in the right direction,” the body said. 

The association added that they put several questions to the Dart representative regarding a few matters of concern, to ensure fair competitive business practices for all members in the future and that the association looked forward to a response on these matters. 

“Overall, Dart has a good proven track record for creating developments that promote economic growth and stability as well as improving the overall tourism product which [the association] feels goes a long way when considering future proposals,” the 
association said. 

Overall the Cayman Islands Tourism Association was pleased to hear that Dart has offered a solution for two of the top issues. 

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The George Town landfill, known as Mount Trashmore, can be seen from the deck of cruise ships. – Photo: Joe Shooman


  1. I have been living in West Bay for 28 years and a retired Civil Engineer finds Dart’s changes to the West Bay Road awesome. It will make for a much safer trip to George Town, safer for the tourist on Seven Mile Beach and a much improved Public Beach area.

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