Kickball falters

One of the biggest tragedies in sports is the decline of a popular event. Sadly Cayman is seeing that with the annual kickball tournament.

For what seems like the 10th time this year, the competition has been delayed. Originally scheduled for next Saturday 30 July, the new date is now 6 August. The tournament normally takes place at the start of the year and the 2011 edition had an initial 29 January time frame.

Cayman Sports Authority, a division of Kings Sports Centre, is the new organizing group for the tournament. Kings Athletic Director Ray Singh states that the event is still happening.

“The event is still a go (weather permitting),” Singh said. “We’re hoping to touch base with all of the teams representatives with more details on the number of teams, tentative schedules and all that good stuff.”

The kickball tournament is a fundraiser for the Cayman Islands Humane Society and usually draws over 25 corporate sponsors, generating CI$10,000.

When the competition does take place, the Field of Dreams baseball facility in George Town is expected to be the venue as usual. 2011 would mark the third year of the event since being started by Canadian Patrick Bourque, a former Cayman resident.

For the record kickball is a hybrid sport and a childhood favourite for many residents. Also known as soccer-baseball, it features the same rules as in baseball with the big difference being one must kick a large rubber ball rather than hit a baseball with a bat.

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