G-Force steps up to bat

Co-ed softball starts its next season on Monday 25 July.

George Town’s Field of Dreams facility sees the first match of the 2011 Fall Adult Co-ed Softball League. At 8pm The Security Centre takes on rookie club G-Force on field three. The Security Centre head into the C league contest as reigning champions of the division.

The league is being organized as usual by Alan Markoff. The co-ed softball coordinator for a number of years, Markoff states the sport carries great importance on the local sports scene.

“I think co-ed is by far the most relevant form of softball being played right now since we have 20-25 teams and three levels of competition every season,” Markoff said. “The programme is being used not only by those who love the sport, but by businesses that are looking to create team-building inside the workplace by giving their employees something fun and healthy to do together after work. Since we have a beginners league, pretty much anyone can play, which can’t be said for many other sports here.

“With our good weather, we’re blessed to be able to play two softball seasons every year. I know from the comments I receive during our breaks that people really look forward to getting back on the field again – and so am I.”

The rest of this week’s schedule consists of five matches, all at 8pm. Tuesday 26 July sees a double-header as the KPMG Bounty Hunters take on HSBC on field three while the PricewaterhouseCoopers Legion of Doom battle the A.L. Thompson Hammers on field four. The Coors Light Chuggers battle the Master Batters on field three while KM Ltd and KPMG A face off on field four on Wednesday 27 July. On Thursday 28 July team Deloitte battles the BritCay Premiums on field three.

For the record co-ed softball finished its first season of the year back in May. The sport has three leagues representing varying levels of competition with A being intense, B being recreational and C labelled as social.

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