Pirates Week will be entertaining

Organisers of Cayman’s National Festival, Pirates Week, are in discussions with a number of exciting entertainment acts. 

“Our objective is to get even more entertainment,” said Bernie Bush of Pirates Week. 

“In 2010, the Red Bull stunt rider was well received and the X-Games style events certainly draw the crowds,” Mr. Bush said. “We are in discussion with some world-class cliff divers who may jump out of a helicopter and then we’d set up some cranes, one as a platform and one to take them up there.”
And the daredevilry does not stop there. 

“We are talking with a Cuban tightrope walker who is currently performing in Mexico,” he said. “He wants to walk from the South to the North Terminal on a tightrope. But to make it interesting, he said he will carry someone on his shoulders. When he is back from Mexico we may be able to confirm. 

“We’ve also got two of the world’s best stunt riders on jet skis and we are in contact with [a motorcycle act] from America’s Got Talent.” 

Mr. Bush said the new sponsor, Saxon MG, has injected some impetus along with other partners Cayman Airways, the Department of Tourism, Cayman Free Press and the Cayman Islands Tourism Association. 

“Everybody is working together to get people down here. We have identified many other pirate organisations and we already have two or three definitely coming to take part. 

“This year, 2011, will definitely be a show not to forget and there will be a big, big payoff in 2012. We have a vibrant executive committee, Pat is awesome in the office and everybody is contributing ideas and constructive criticism. We are ahead of the curve this year,” he said. 

Other new additions include WowBall competitions between the districts to go with the ever-popular Cardboard Boat Race, and the committee is currently turning its attention to music which is described as a ‘work in progress.’ 

The fireworks displays which top and tail the week are also under discussion, concluded Mr. Bush. 

“Breezes, Margaritaville, Hard Rock and The Wharf are the only ones which contribute. If more do not then the fireworks may move inland this year.” 


Pirates Week 2011 looks set to be the best yet.
Stephen Clarke


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