New police cars arrive

Cayman residents will soon see 24 new Royal Cayman Islands Police Service cars patrolling the streets. 

Eleven police vehicle enforcement package Dodge Chargers, 10 4×4 Suzuki Grand Vitaras and three 4×4 Ford diesel pickups will join the RCIPS fleet over the next few months. 

The Dodge Chargers are already on Grand Cayman. They are in the process of being marked-up and it is anticipated that they will become operational within the next few days, police said. 

“This will be the first time that we will have specifically designed police Dodge Chargers and Ford Crew Cab diesel pickups in our fleet,” said RCIPS Business Manager Peter Davis. 

The new vehicles, purchased by the Portfolio of Internal and External Affairs for the RCIPS, will replace the aging patrol cars currently in use.  

Many of the older patrol vehicles due to be replaced were already second hand when they were originally purchased by the RCIPS. They have spent long periods of time off the road because of their age and the need for constant maintenance and repair. The RCIPS has gradually been reducing its fleet numbers through 2010/11 to reduce fleet running costs.  

The purchase of the new vehicles will greatly reduce maintenance and other related costs over the next five years, police said.  

The police package Dodge Charger has been used for years in other jurisdictions, particularly throughout the United States and Mexico.  

Police said the 4×4 Vitara has been used in the Cayman Islands and in Jamaica for some years. 

The 4×4 Ford crew pickups will be used for hauling the Marine fleet and on the unique terrain of the Sister Islands, police said. The use of crew pickups is widely recognised in the Caribbean policing environment.  

“The cars were all chosen specifically for the economy and the effectiveness they will provide,” Mr. Davis said.”They all have something very different to offer and will be able to deal with a vast range of circumstances from routine road patrol to difficult weather and terrain.” 

new police cars

New RCIPS patrol cars have hit the streets.


  1. To put this purchase in perspective, an October 2006 story in the Compass reported that –
    In addition to more staff, the RCIPS has increased the size of its vehicle fleet by almost 45 per cent in the past year.

    ‘We have 117 police cars now,’ Mr. Dixon said. ‘We had 81 at this time last year.’

    About two-thirds of the fleet is made up of new cars.

    Mr. Dixon said most of the vehicle fleet that remained after Hurricane Ivan has been taken off the road.

    ‘And we’re looking to replace the older one-third of the fleet,’ he said.
    I remember attending the handover of the new Chevrolet cruisers at the dealership in late 2007 or early 2008 and around the same time RCIPS were tendering for trucks for the Marine Unit. Some time afterwards a number of new unmarked Chevys were also added to the fleet, Tempura/Cealt were using a couple of them when I was on-island in 2009 so there has been an on-going replacement programme of which this is a part.

    However, it might might interesting for Mr Davis to reveal exactly what is being replaced and why. Maybe an inventory of the vehicles taken out of service over the past four years and why they became unusable along with morec details of the current fleet. It seems that only part of the story is being released here and people are making a lot of interesting assumptions about the rest of it.

    Also he might explain why the previous RCIPS policy of renting 4x4s as and when they were needed has been changed. I seem to remember that the reason given to me in 2007 for the previous policy was simply that RCIPS did not need, and could not afford, a full-time 4×4 fleet.

  2. They’ll look cool in those Chargers, when they’re busy not catching robbers. How about instead of these, they invest in automatic plate recognition, and link this to the DVDL database – or failing that, just use their eyes to see the hordes of illegal vehicles on the islands.

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