Palacio: Girls could utilize shift indoors

A recent netball competition has sparked discussion of the sport shifting indoors.

Currently league matches are played at the netball courts at the Truman Bodden Sports Complex in George Town. This month an exhibition series was held indoors at the University College of the Cayman Islands multipurpose hall to rave reviews.

Event organizer and Rising Stars club manager Orvin Palacio admits a shift would benefit the sport.

“At some point in time, netball would benefit being indoors,” Palacio said. “That would enhance the sport. With the schools being built, we in the Cayman Islands Netball Association hope that comes online. However we know that we’d be fighting with other sports associations to use those facilities.

“At the very least maybe next year we can have the women’s final indoors.”

Palacio ran a tournament earlier this month featuring six matches against the Boulevard Baptist netball club, which claimed the 2011 division C championship in the Jamaica Netball Association. Stepping up to the challenge were Roma (Cayman’s 2011 national champions), Frank Hall Home Blazers (the 2010 mixed league winners), a netball association select squad called Lady Diamonds and three Rising Stars sides (mixed, Under-23 and select) featuring notable players like Rosemarie Wilson.

Palacio is quick to point out the feedback was positive.

“The indoor facility was excellent. A lot of people liked the setting. I firmly believe if the games were at the usual Truman Bodden site they would have had the same turnout. But all of the teams felt it was 
well put together.

“People want to see high-calibre netball being played. The last time we had an international team here was the English Cathedral team years ago. The market for visiting teams is there. People have said more clubs should do this. They have a point because at the end of the day it would benefit everyone involved with the sport.”

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