Top racers driven very differently

A pair of racers in Cayman are slated to take the spotlight shortly.

Two motorsports meets are taking place at Breakers Speedway this weekend focusing on various areas in autocross and sound competition. Much of the focus though should be on next Sunday’s Cayman Islands Drag Racing Association meet featuring Humberto Rives and Donald Francis.

Rives holds the mark for fastest motorcycle at the 1/8 track thanks to his modified Suzuki Hayabusa. Francis is a giant killer taking down cars with huge engine in his Plan B Honda Civic Type-R. Rives, who resides in West Bay, states his focus is beating fellow riders.

“I don’t think there is any competition for my bike,” Rives said.

“But Eduardo Swaby is very consistent and if I make a mistake he can beat me. His Suzuki GSX R1000 may have a stock motor but its lightweight frame compensates for its power. Mind you everything is really light: carbon-fibre tank, carbon-fibre back and aluminium swing-arm.”

Francis, 21, has been racing three years and encouraged his brother Steven Francis, 19, to follow his footsteps. Francis, who hails from North Side, states his impact on the youth is his motivation.

“I’m trying to inspire kids with Hondas to come out and race,” Francis said.

“I’ve lost a lot of my friends on the road. Everyone has the urge to speed but they can be more responsible on the road. The best thing is for them to take it to the track.

“For me I must admit that to use my car only two or three times a month at the track is a little discouraging. But I give the Lord thanks for the patience and the courage 
to do it.”

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