Clearing out the fridge

When Denize started New You, Anytime Fitness nutritionist, Helki, had a good look in her fridge to get some idea of what Denize was eating. Denize has a family so she was not eating all the food, but Helki felt that Denize needed to be eating more natural based foods with less additives. Helki devised a shopping list for Denize with foods that she should eat more of and also ones she should avoid. Ready made sauces can have additives as well as a high sugar content so Denize should go for the more natural alternatives. Denize,like many people eats yoghurt as a healthy alternative to sweets but again they can be highly sugared, Helki’s advise is, “Greek yoghurts are much better for you and they also have more protein. Make sure to look for low fat or fat free versions. If possible, add your own fruit to plain yoghurt, things like pineapple, mango, berries, cherries are all yummy additions.” 

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