Denize makes steady progress

It’s been over four weeks since Denize started on the challenge to make over her lifestyle, so far she has made gradual changes to her diet and started her training regime with Anytime Fitness instructor Christine Connor. It has been a shock to Denize to find out just how unfit she really is. “It was hard at first,” says Denize. “After one dance class I had to hold on to something to sit down! But after a week of exercise even though my muscles were sore I began to realise I could carry on through it.”

Christine and Denize  

have been working on a combination of cardiovascular, strength training and flexibility. Denize has been doing exercises such as squats and walking lunges up to 20 at a time while carrying weights. She says one of the hardest exercises that she has done with Christine is squats against the wall with a ball. “That was really painful!” The past few weeks have opened her eyes to her overall fitness. Flexibility is also an issue. “I knew I was unfit but it was shocking to find out that I am not half as flexible as I should be for my age group. It made me realise that it’s not just about losing weight it is about also being supple.” Having a personal trainer like Christine makes all the difference. “Christine helps motivate me, apart from pushing me she is also encouraging and she is also really creative about not making it boring. She will adapt exercise routines to take in weaknesses or adjust based on my abilities.” Denize now has more understanding about exercise and how the body works from working out with Christine; that to burn fat and get a proper cardiovascular work out she needs to get her heart rate up, that means putting more effort into aerobic exercise such as upping the ante by putting the treadmill on incline. 

As far as diet goes she has been following the advice of Any Time Fitness instructor and nutritionist, Helki Weber. Although Denize is feeling positive, Christine and Helki felt that Denize has not lost enough body fat, though Denize points out she has only really been working out seriously for two and a half weeks.  

Helki says, “In one month Denize has lost less than 1 per cent body fat and about 5 lbs. She should be losing about 2 lbs per week and about 1.2 to 1.5 per cent body fat per month – so she is OK but could be doing a bit better. The secret to fat loss is eating fewer calories than your body burns. When we diet, the weight we lose is on average 75 per cent fat and 25 per cent muscle. Furthermore, a relatively high percentage of this weight loss is likely to be water loss.  

So the ladies say, “Denize you have to work harder!”  

It might be a bit of a challenge as she is going on holiday for two weeks to her Trinidad home but Denize says she has a strategy; she will go hiking up the hills and not eat any of the party food offered by her family.  

We will see! 

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