Put a stop to crime

What a big joke; just as you read in the Compass that the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service reported that they are doing so good with crime on Cayman.
I say to them until you can solve Anna’s case, you have nothing to bring to the public. Until you can get rid of all the corrupt lying police in the service, you have nothing to bring to the people. Look at the level of crime from West Bay to East End that is going on day to day on Cayman. 

And I would like to inform you and the government and all on Cayman that are part of the gun squad will only help to create the criminals to have bigger guns with more fire power. 

We will have more lawlessness on Cayman. Crime will explode on Cayman like we never expected. Be very careful. They will shoot out often and hurt innocent people if we think guns against guns is the answer. 

We are all wrong. We need to have a gun-less Cayman. The Marl Road is lit up with the word. If the outsiders can walk around Cayman with their big guns, we – John Public – must have our guns too. What do they have guns for on Cayman? Well it must be to shoot Caymanians and we cannot have that. 

So the people are arming themselves to go against all those that have the guns already. 

It will not make anything good come out of these people that carry the guns; police, or John Public or criminals. 

Look at the amount of gun crimes and it is rising. Look at what happened in my town, Bodden Town; a woman shot more than one time for what? Machine guns are now blazing on Cayman, yet the police are saying they have a grip on crime. As I stated, if we had some very good Caymanian police maybe there would not be so much crime and corruption. 

Members of the police department that are from the outside world do not know these Islands or the people on it. They cannot get any results from the people for they do not know how to talk to our people and most of our people do not trust them. 

That is why many crimes go unchecked and no answers can come from them about this crime or the other like poor Anna, who is still missing. 

So where do we go from here? That old saying still stands. The day belongs to all men, but the night belongs to Satan. 

Lately I was thinking that old saying needs to change: The day, the night and all other time now belongs to criminals on Cayman. 

It is sad to say this, but this is what’s going on; so sad. 

Hopefully almighty God will hear the prayers of all that want to see Cayman back in peace and live like we used to in the 1960s.  

So, if you are part of the gun crime on our beautiful Islands, stop the violence. 

At the same time, Cayman you must also try and help the problem by yourselves. Stop carrying guns. There is only one road that leads to and that is more and more guns; thus more killing and who wants that? 

Caymanians, we must unite or else our future may be gangland groups island-wide that may turn this Island upside down. 

And as we know, our present government is no help to our people in this crime wave; they only give the police more money and new cars instead of trying to reach the people. Please, in God’s name stop the crime on Grand Cayman. 


Emile S. Levy  


  1. Great sentiments. We all would like to see a crime free Cayman.
    Unfortunately prayer alone is not the answer.

    Sadly the police now need to be armed. One cannot realistically expect an unarmed police officer to talk an armed robber into surrendering.

    I also don’t think an armed ex-pat police officer is going to be shooting at law abiding citizens for fun.

    I certainly agree that more Caymanians should join the police force. And there is nothing stopping them from doing so. But if they don’t sign up we either have to make do with less police officers or import them. There is no choice.

    These terrible crimes are probably being committed by just a handful of people. The police can’t find them because:

    1. There dooes not appear to be a proper CSI-Cayman who can track things back from minute evidence traces.

    2. They may be known to some people who will not turn them in. Either from loyalty or fear.

    Non lethal personal defense aids such as pepper spray should be allowed in Cayman.

  2. Of course the answer is Caymanians policing Cayman. There are some very competent Caymanians in the RCIPS. To join the RCIPS, the potential applicant needs to pass a fairly straightforward entrance exam, have no criminal record and be willing to work hard for the people they wish to serve. I agree that a local officer, understanding the local conditions and the local people is always preferable to an ex pat.

    Unfortunately, the stream of people interested in becoming police officers is not a strong one. There are a number of reasons I would suggest. Many people who would be qualified aspire to a more comfortable career where the pay and conditions will be higher and the stresses of shift working and danger are none existent.

    The answer, therefore, is to bring in Police officers from outside. Where this happens it makes sense to bring in experienced officers and the exchange of skills should be encouraged so that when the ex pat leaves (as most do after a few years) they leave behind some of their experience. In return the ex pat is rewarded for their rime and effort with their salary and with the welcome in the islands. I can honestly say that when I was serving I was warmly welcomed by the locals which is why I retain much affection for the community.

    In terms of an armed police service, I have commented before here on this subject and I agree with Mr Levy that guns beget guns. If the RCIPS is routinely armed then the criminals will arm even more.

    The bottom line, as always, friends, is that the Caymanian People and all those who come from outside, each and every one of them, has a personal responsibility to help keep crime in check. If that means giving information on family or friends then that is how it must be.

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