Rebreather course a great success

In May 2011, Steve Tippetts of Divetech graduated as one of five Sentinel Closed Circuit Rebreather Instructor Trainers worldwide, maintaining Grand Cayman on the map as the place for instructor training in the rebreather world. With our warm waters and easy access, the course is a dream location to complete in Grand Cayman. 

In July 2009, the first Sentinel Closed Circuit Rebreather diver course was conducted at Divetech in Grand Cayman. The course was run over a six-day period and proved to be popular, not only for the two students, but also for generating interest in this latest offering from VR Technology. VR Technology manufacturers the Sentinel as well as the popular VR-3 dive computers and the Ouroboros CCR. Walker Romanica and Patrick Stacey were scheduled to complete the course today, and both are looking forward to spending hours diving around the reefs and walls of Grand Cayman. 


Instructor rating  

Following hundreds of hours of dive time, Mr. Tippetts carried on to earn the hours needed to surpass his instructor rating and become an instructor trainer in the Sentinel CCR, and he has certified 10 Sentinel divers since. 

Diving CCR has many advantages including more dive time, no bubbles and warm, moist breathing gas to name a few of the popular features. 

Divetech, which describes itself as the home for technical diving in the Caribbean, has its own Sentinel unit available for courses or rental, and can offer full training from Mod 1 all the way through to Mod 3 (full Trimix) as well as instructor training. Divetech has been training CCR and SCR divers for the past 16 years, with the Sentinel being the latest offering to residents and visitors to Grand Cayman. 


Mr. Tippetts


  1. Steve is a awesome instructor and makes no bubble diving a great experience. As a photographer I really enjoy how close the marine gets with no bubbles and the ability to dive for 3-4 hours and not get cold.

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