Blog Post: 26 September, 2011

Yesterday I got back into the swing of things with a Zumba class at Anytime Fitness. I have not worked out for a couple of weeks following a throat infection and a ‘sport injury’ I obtained in the Legs, Butts and Guts class one fateful Monday.  I hopped around a lot but it did not help me lose any weight.  This month I managed to put on 3 pounds and most of those lovely inches I toiled so hard to lose.  The hard part is that I feel like I am starting fresh each time I have to break and wonder if I will ever be able to increase the intensity of my workouts without inflicting serious damage.  

Zumba was a (sweaty) breeze with my new pink kicks from Sports Supply.  They are super light and while they still have the gel technology as my radiation-green Asics, they are so much lighter, smaller and more supportive.  There is a lot of freedom of movement.  My timing improved, however I still have to work on my coordination…

I managed to lose my bread recipe in my handbag, but plan to get Helke to revamp it for more high-fibre and weight loss benefits while hopefully improving or maintaining taste.  I also switched to the zero-carb protein powder from Monster Nutrition and have been having my own home-made smoothies.

The easiest and most ‘make-overy’ part of this makeover is my time with Sharon from Le Visage.  Since I managed well with incorporating the small changes into my life, Sharon has added an eye cream and night-time cream that makes my face feel quite nice.  Both have delicious scents and feel like real indulgences.

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