New You Makeover – Comeuppance

I have a confession to make.  Not so long ago, I would go to the fitness club and strut my stuff while other chubby folks puffed and sweated to get themselves into shape.  How could anyone let herself get like that?  I looked like this and always would.  I now know that the answer to my question is: ‘Very easily!’  Once you trade in hiking, kayaking and dancing for bake sales, bedtime stories and facebook, keeping in shape takes more effort.  Now I’m the chubby, sweaty girl inwardly snarling at the skinny birds moving effortlessly in class or on the elliptical machines.  I also spend significantly less time with the masseuse, hairdresser and nail techs than I did back then.  

I put my socks on while in traffic and nearly broke my neck to try to get to Zumba class yesterday, then realised that I was an hour early.  My strategy was to get there early enough to get into the class and stand at the back of the class so my ‘performance’ would be less visible.  I will have to try another day but put the time to good use on one of the elliptical machines.  I discovered that if I read while training, I don’t notice how long it’s taking (or the time moves faster), and can ignore the pain and work past it.  Some research supports the theory that engaging the brain can help increase endurance.  But the engagement should be enjoyable, so my kindle will soon become the best workout accessory I have!

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