Interns learn the ropes at CFP


Cayman Free Press has had a number of interns join the editorial department during the past few weeks.  

Catherine Hinds, Hannah Reid, Shanarah Wright, Camelia Miller and Samantha Bonham have been busy of late chasing down leads and pursuing stories.  

The young ladies, all of whom are at different stages in their education, have chosen to spend several weeks during their summer vacation gaining hands-on experience by working in the newsroom at a publishing firm. Each has had the opportunity to research and write stories on a variety of topics, that have been or will be published in one or more of the company’s publications.  

Some, like Shanarah and Camelia, are using their internship to investigate which area of journalism they prefer, while others know they have a passion for writing and view the internship as valuable experience which will enhance their resumes and help them build a portfolio of published work.  

Catherine, who is soon to enter her final year of studies for her bachelors degree in writing, first joined Cayman Free Press as an intern last year, with the intention of gaining some relevant experience and seeing some of her work published.  

“After interning here last summer I realised just how much it helped me to develop as a writer and how my writing had an effect on the community. I was getting feedback … and being told how I as helping others through my writing,” she said. Her interest in journalism stems from her love of writing, but she also realises it has the power to reach many people. “While being here at Cayman Free Press I have been writing a lot of local feature stories. There are so many interesting and exciting things going on around us in Cayman that, without news coverage, many people in our community wouldn’t even know about.” 

Camelia echoes these sentiments.  

“There’s always something new going that you can write about. It’s great to meet new people and let people know what’s going in our society,” she said.  

Hannah, who began interning for the company when she was 15, will shortly enter her junior year at Emory University in Atlanta where she is studying environmental studies and journalism.  

“I have learned things about journalism here that you cannot learn in a classroom, and that experience is invaluable,” she said.  

Choosing journalism for her was a means of satisfying her many areas of interest. “Once I figured out there were too many careers that I wanted to pursue to settle on one of them, I picked one that would give me a taste of a lot of other jobs,” she said. “For example, I always thought it would be amazing to be an archaeologist and as a journalist I might one day get the chance to go out on a dig and write about the experience.” 

Shanarah has returned to Cayman Free Press for the third time this year. “I decided to intern at Cayman Free Press because I realised my education skills were much higher in English and Social Studies and I had already had a media start from last year when I was working at the Youth Services Unit and Cayman Radio Station,” she said. At the end of the summer she will attend the UCCI and further down the line hopes to become a journalist.  

Regardless of whether each has a clear idea of what they hope to do in the future, all agree that in their time at CFP they have met new people, found out more about their community and gained an insight into journalism and the business 
of publishing. 


From left, Catherine Hinds, Hannah Reid, Shanarah Wright and Camelia Miller. Missing is Samantha Bonham. – Photo: Natasha Were

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