Issues of major concern for some

Dear Editor:

Please allow me space in your newspaper again to write about some other issues that are of concern to me and, I believe, many other Caymanians.

First, the Shetty Hospital. We do not need more people on our islands to stay and work here. Our islands are already over-populated by foreigners. Can’t we build a few more floors onto our hospital to accommodate people that may have heart attacks and other facilities that are necessary to avoid having to air-ambulance them to someplace else. I do not believe that this is a good idea.

Also, more must be done to encourage Caymanians to pursue professions such as Medical and Teaching. There are young Caymanians who can train for the positions that others are coming here to hold.

Government and non-government need to do more to rectify the present situation.

Secondly, the airport expansion. What are we adding? Are Caymanians going to gain employment or are we importing more foreign labour again? Is it the Cayman Islands Government that’s doing this? Were the Caymanian people informed fully about this or only got a one-liner?

Another issue is that of the dredging in South Sound and cutting into the island. This is a definite NO! NO! God gave us this island and we are not to cut it up.

This is a very dangerous thing. The idea needs to be squashed right away.

All these proposed projects are anti-Caymanian. The Planning Authority must not approve them.

That includes the Cayman Enterprise City. Why are we marching? We have representatives that are supposed to be working for us, not against us. They know how the majority of us feel.

The Roll-Over Policy, in my opinion too, is too long a period.

Government must also try not to employ foreign labour as this is very costly. When a foreigner is hired, they are given housing, a car, gas allowance and their families come along. A single person, if anyone but we have Caymanians that can take care of our own business.

The issuing of work permits needs to stop; businesses need to look for Caymanian employees.

This has created a big imbalance for our islands. We have too many foreign employees, too much traffic and we definitely do not need the crime which has escalated to the extreme and this started after Cayman doors were opened to the world.

We need representatives in the Legislative Assembly that care about the people and their needs, not selling our islands to foreign investors and not only have money on their minds.

MLAs that care for all three islands and listen to the people that they are working for.

Thank you for printing this letter.

Dora Ebanks

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